Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stereotypical Fashion

Throughout the world, fashion is a huge aspect of daily life. People use different ways of wearing fashion, to express themselves in a way of showing inner beauty. This could be done by bright colours, extravagant patterns and overstated accessories. I feel that each country around the world consists of diverse trends, almost becoming key to representing that certain place. Such as, the beret represents France and the Eiffel tower is the most famous monument known around the world.The Eiffel tower is used in different ways of fashion, such as printed, stitched and shaped onto latest fashion trends. Also, the all over checked pattern gives off a Scottish outlook upon the specific garment.


As I whitness different trends come and go, from designer to high street, I realise that each person holds their own individual taste, which I feel this is what fashion should be.

Today, there are many, many stereotypes, typically based on their outlook appearance, which varies from gothic, indie, chav geek etc. For example, ‘Goth'. When you hear the word ‘Goth' you instantly think of black clothes, dark hair, thick jewellery and outrageous hair styles and makeup. Nevertheless, I immediately think of this myself, without indulging in the Gothic subculture, many people suppose that the depressive appearance and music is what it is all about, but it isn't just what people think. It is how a person expresses their inner selves, through the way they dress and act. I feel there is so much more to a person than what they wear, but in today's society, that is what people are based on. Their appearance.


Throughout different seasons, latest trends hit the high street and the designer shelves, ready to be purchased by fashionista's , who love keeping in with the latest trends, which I will admit, I do love keeping in with trends, but I also love a bargain! Who doesn't?

Shops such as Topshop and River Island are influenced by top designers, and mirror fashions with their own. The ‘high end of fashion' (designer) today are selling products for a lot of money, each product as unique as the last, a great example of this would be Dame Vivienne Westwood. Westwood creates her designs by using her own personal whacky styles, and is also responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. She is an inspiration to many designers, fashionistas and your usual high street shopper, by imprinting her incredibly extreme styles throughout her fashion.

As a whole, I feel fashion is a means of self expression that allows people to express their inner selves through appearance. It shows their personal beauty. However, as I explained above, about stereotypical fashions (gothic, chav etc), I feel that people today are looking at a persons appearance and judging them by what they are wearing, how they have their hair and what music they listen to and putting a name on them, without actually knowing the person.

I can honestly say I have done this in the past, but will admit that I was wrong. It is wrong to entitle a person with what you feel towards their outfits and appearance. I believe that each person has their own style, whether they are wearing the latest Topshop dress, or wearing an old primark dress, from a while ago. I think that it isn't what you wear, but what you feel comfortable in; whether that is black leather coats and big heeled biker boots or the latest cardigan and skirt, a person should be able to express themselves how they like, and if they are happy, people shouldn't judge. Fashion should express how a person feels and what a person wants to look like, not what people think towards appearances.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion Bags

Fashion bags are the ones that can draw a lot of people's attention towards your; it is not for the reason of anything else but your selection while buying them. They have much spark and beauty that can go ahead to groom yourself in an impressive way.

As it is known that nearly all women are mad for the fashion bags, but why? So it is vital for us know the reason why women are consequently engaged with fashion bags, mainly these fashionable women. Every lady wants to become much more beautiful and striking.

Women are more likely to always be decrease of the actual perception associated with security, thus they have to place almost all their own things in any bag which is totally under control with them constantly.

As a result bags, particularly major ones such as fashion sporting activities bags that combine each fashion as well while sports, precisely connect with this emotional demand from customers. So, that they may occur back again coupled with again in the fashion development.

A lot of petty middle class women's enthusiasm pertaining to bags is definitely named simply "insane". They look for fashion bags as frequently as these people eat, worry related to the delay with the recent arrivals coupled with consequently on.

With admiration to marketing, creative designers are now conveying the notion that your bag combined with clothes are entirely an organic whole. Even though that they design and style garments, additionally they work out bags involving a variety of types to attract a person. Definitely they're quite productive in terms of business. You are able to look at lots of female make delight in collecting all of kinds of bags only such as stamps collecting, the more comprehensive, and the greater.

There are a lot of styles such as bucket bags with an out of the ordinary shape that allows you to collect a lot of goods within. Such shapes provide you to have leather stuff with marked designing; so, you can have unique styling in leather that is somewhat considered to be the dull stuff by most of the ladies. Recently, I was surfing on internet and I found one good website related to fashion bags, which is known as Poze Online. It has large collection of fashion bags, designer bags, and Evening bags etc.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Paris Fashion Week - Trends In Men's Fashions

If youre wondering what the trends will be later this year and into next spring, your best bet is to check in with the ongoing Fashion Week in Paris. Always indicative of what the new must have look will be, there are usually some great finds. So what did the 2010 show reveal?

Mens designer clothing is taking a slight shift towards more conservative colors. The textures, fabrics and accenting efforts more than make up for the lack of purples, bright reds and lime greens that we became familiar with in recent seasons.

Also, there are suggestions of looser fitting fabrics, too. This is true for both mens shirts, blazers and trousers, as well as denims. That middle of the road between close fitting and baggy is what should emerge in terms of whats seen on the streets. And speaking of the streets, the design labels that pull inspiration from street wear are enjoying a new surge in popularity due to some of the most visible designers on the runways.

But what about mens casual wear? Brands such as Voi are still the go-to labels. Fresh colors, quality fabrics and popular, but classic, trends rule the day in menswear. Another common denominator was the traditional black and white combinations. Updated with new designs and patterns, its back to the basics for the next season.
Mens hoodies and jumpers are always fast movers and while were still going to rock collegiate and distressed graphics, theres a new interest in differentiating between casual and weekend wear. Better fits will play a role, too.

Finally, the mens coats and jackets are all about the masculinity and sex appeal and if the shows from this weeks Paris show are any indicators, the designers have definitely found the right combination of all the elements that define an incredible mens jacket.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fashion industry misconceptions

The services of fashion stylists are mostly enjoyed by daily news papers, fashion magazines and advertising agencies. These people are required to dress up the various fashion models for photo shoots. Television shows, cinema and music are not only become the outlets for creativity but also the outlets for fashion and to some extent, fashion will become the driving force behind the creativity of entertainment. The major chunk of the job involves planning about clothes that would look good on each model. These models have to decide about the place to buy or hire the dresses and accessories which are all determine by the budget. There is lot of dilemmas prevailing in the fashion and modelling industry. Many of them can blame that advertisements in the fashion industry are the reason for many of the society's problems and eating disorders. Highly skinned fashion models and muscle men are employed with high wages by various fashion houses and companies.

All these are bound to create an assumption that his kind of body structures is the perfect body type and everyone should always try to look exactly this way. This will make most of the people, who have an urge to achieve a lot in this industry, to put a great deal of stress to look that way. So finally these advertisements will result an enormous impact on the youth of the present day as many of them have started appearing in the pages of youth magazines.


Majority of these cat walk models are skinny in their appearances which is the great problem faced by the fashion industry. These extreme body forms of the models, may lead to suffer from malnourishment. The young modelling aspirants on seeing these skinny models had taken these people as the bench marks and might become obsessed with the looks. They will adopt certain eating habits which will develop some kind of eating disorders. These are all the problems which are found on the career in fashion and modelling industry. Apart from all these aspects the issue of working condition in a more uncomfortable and dangerous environment especially in case of children. Many multi national fashion houses or companies expand both in the developed or developing countries in search of highly cheap and exploitable labour. By going this way they are able to hire young children to work for very long and arduous hours which will gain these industries more profit as it will be more enough for these children to pay low wages. This situation arises as many of these children are so desperate for a few rupees. To add this critical situation there is no proper laws in place to protect these children from being exploited by these multi national organizations. Actually speaking, there are no ways or means for these bond-laboured children to demand for better wages and better working conditions. Since they want to continue making the meager amount of money which they are getting, these laborers will simply tolerate the inexorable sad conditions which they had to put into.