Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swahili Fashion Week at Dar es Salaam!!!

Swahili Fashion Week is a fabulous fashion creativity that is holding in the city from last three years. For the very first time it was held on 5 & 6 November 2008, while 2009 showcased it for the second time from 4th to 6th November. This year this three days long fashion activity is planned to be hold from 4th to 6th November at Karimjee Hall, Dar es Salaam. It is evident that a number of models, designers, media persons, and fashion lovers will take Dar es Salaam flights to watch this excellent fashion week. This creativity does not only provide a platform for the existing fashion talent in the region but is also playing a crucial role in introducing new talent as well as to encourage their work.


Fashion Lovers are treated with not only the excellent fashion work by the artists belonging to Tanzania but also from the neighboring countries.

If you are planning to take flights to Dar es Salaam during the days of this event it's a must attend activity. It provides all the people related to fashion industry a chance to market their art and network with their existing and potential clients. Although it's not a very old tradition in the country to celebrate his activity but just in the short span of three years the event has got so much popularity in domestic and international fashion world that it has evolved itself into a most sought out after fashion platform in Eastern Africa for the international market. If you take flights to Dar es Salaam you will be able to see a wide collection with a huge variety because this fashion competition is open to every one irrespective of any age limit and a registration was needed to apply for it. The last date for registration was 30th August. It will be a very good addition on Tanzanian event calendar just like previous years.


Now the question arises why the event is named as Swahili Fashion Week??? The answer to this question is not very complicated yet it is an interesting one. Swahili is a beautiful coastline in the region. It is one of the most sought out destination by both the locals and those getting into the region by taking cheap flights to Dar es Salaam. The beautiful coastline of Swahili has much to offer visitors when it comes to things to see and to do at this coastline. The fashion is all about much more interesting things, colors, and exposing beauty to the fashion lovers. That's why these two things are correlated. The event has done its job very perfectly by introducing local designers such as Kemi Kalikawe, Virginia Njumba and other African designers such as Vera Vee Ochia from Kenya, David Tlale from South Africa and Sheila Tique from Mozambique. If you take flights to Dar es Salaam from UK and have some love and attraction for fashion you must be getting their something suiting your interest and fashion sense

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Combat Boots: Still In Fashion?

Fashion is a term that is decided by the people of today. They are the rulers of the present and whatever they wear becomes a trend. Be it the aviator kind of goggles or rugged and tough denims, every kind of cloth or an accessory becomes a fashion statement after a repeated use and hence this defines the fashion of today. Similarly this thing also exists in terms of footwear. If we talk about Combat boots being existent in today's date in terms of fashion, then we would see mixed reactions of people around us.

Some would say yes, they still are a part of my wardrobe but some would just turn around and say that they don't even know about combat boots. However, these boots were never out of fashion, that's the reality. With the passage of time, these boots have again gained recognition and are making their way back into the lives of common man.

Most of the people are going ahead and making them in use on a daily basis and also a part of their wardrobe.

Combat boots are the ones that have been designed in the toughest and harshest conditions. They are water resistant and help in keeping your feet warm and healthy. These boots have numerous benefits but the best benefit that you can enjoy is in the extreme winters where the temperatures are below 0 degrees, this is where these boots help you maintain the warmth in your feet. Most of today's trendsetters wear these boots with dresses and more often with denims and make a style of their own. It really looks cool and attractive at the same time.

These boots come in a variety of styles and designs but black is the one that is loved by many. Comfort is another factor for which these boots are famous for. Most of the women are fond of wearing high heels, but they also have the fear of having pain in their ankles once they take them off after the day. But in case of combat boots, one doesn't have to fear at all. They offer extra comfort along with providing that cushiony feel.

Looking at one's pocket is also a major concern for most the people. These boots are reasonably priced in comparison to designer boots. So you don' have to get yourself indulged in any kind frustration of making it to the boot of your choice. These boots are more often loved by military people as they are somewhat similar in design and style in comparison with the military kind of boots.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Air New Zealand Fashion Week At Wellington

Air New Zealand is proud host to countrys most popular arts festival named as Fashion Week. This is an annual event that is holding from last seven years at different locations throughout New Zealand. The fashion week of 2010 started on 21st September and ended on 25th September that showcased over 60 designers to the world. It greatly attracted both the residents of the country and foreigners getting into the city by taking Wellington flights. This event has now become a tradition in the events calendar of New Zealand. Thousands of fashion conscious people gather in this country every year to become a part of this creative festivity. The event includes not only the dress designers but all the things and all the people related to fashion world in the country. If you take cheap Wellington flights and join this event you may see a very good collection of dresses, bags, shows, cosmetics, and much more.

This arts activity has brought much to the business world in the region. It has given many business opportunities to the designers and other people related to the fashion world. As the designers participating in this event present best of their seasonal and latest collection to the buyers its a good time to buy some latest designers collection. If you take flights to Wellington during the days of the event you will be getting acquainted with the latest trends in the fashion and fashion designing. In addition to it you will love to look at and buy the latest bags and accessories there. This event is such a great festivity that every one will be getting something that best suits his/her interest including; designer collections, beautiful girls, handsome men, live bands, music and DJs. So your cheap flights to Wellington will not be letting you get bored off.

Not only visitors join the event but its attendees include; hundred media persons, buyers, VIPs and photographers who come from different parts of the New Zealand as well as guest artists and media people from foreign countries. During this week the country becomes a larger platform for the creative artists. The event has raised the exports of the country to millions of dollars. Large sellers and brands wait all throughout the year to find their potential buyers and thereby boost their sales. It is not an expensive activity to join; the tickets for show are easily available at reasonable rates. All the visitors taken flights to Wellington from UK and other destinations love to join this event every year and have some fun as well as taste of latest fashion trends in New Zealand and world wide.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fashionable Career Gear

Getting ready for the work week does not mean leaving all fashion sense in the closet.  Fashion is booming, even in the career world.  From stilettos to briefcases, the world of work has adapted to amazing fashion.

When dressing for your career, the goal is to project a high level of professionalism, and class, no matter what your career path.  This does not always mean shirts uncomfortably buttoned to a tight neckline, nor does it mean nude stockings are always necessary.  Professionalism in fashion is reaching new heights.  Here are some out of the ordinary fashion ideas for your career-gear assembly:

Less Is More:  Being fashion forward does not mean adding out of context prints or flashy color.  Although color is great, and so are prints, softer colors such as pinks and greens can work just as well.  

This theory can also apply with accessories.  It is often better to make one statement with a bangle necklace or beaded earrings, than to wear both, as well as fifteen rings.  One fantastic piece of jewelry can make an entire ensemble.  It's good to go bold, it's not so good to overdo it.

Be Polished:  To be polished does not have to mean dressing like your grandmother.  Polished can be projected through a fitted leather jacket over a crisp shirt.  It can also mean strutting a freshly polished pair of tall boots with a pencil skirt.  The more clean your look appears, the more professional and organized an image you will give yourself.


Even when purchasing stellar clothing articles from your online boutique, don't be afraid to get them hemmed to fit you perfectly.  Designer clothing will also sport classy buttons, tiny logos, and tailored workmanship.  

Fit Your Fashion To Your Routine:  While some workers may only need a small clutch or a leather handbag, others may require a large leather bag or briefcase.  All of these items now come in fashionable designs.  If your position requires sitting throughout most of the day, perhaps some comfortable pants or a cotton skirt is in order.  If constantly walking is your daily routine, maybe comfortable shoes or sandals would be a main priority.  

Each person has a different daily routine in the workplace.  While looking sharp, don't be afraid to think out the day's comfort in advance.  Looking good does not need to mean being completely uncomfortable.

Follow Suit:  When in doubt as to what may or may not be appropriate attire, with respects to human resources and the outline of your company, look to your boss.  Although you boss may not be up to par with fashion, the general do's and don'ts will often revolve around this individual.  If your boss is wearing a suit to work every day, it might not be in your best interest to walk into work with khakis and a tank.  Learn from those above you, and use them as your baseline.  Then make your own alterations, to create a look that exhibits who you are as a career individual.