Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashionable Womens Clothing

This summer, stroll around, hang out at your favorite bar or restaurant, hike off to the beach, paint the town red, do whatever pleases you - garbed in fashionable garments.

From what I can tell, the biggest differences between the two are clothing, personalities, outlooks on life and perception of themselves. For starters, most scene kids don't discuss or admit to being scene. (Why? According to some of them, only "posers" [fakers] call themselves scene, which makes it seems less cool.

It may seem superficial to say that "clothes make the person". But in today's corporate scene, clothes can spell the difference between career success or stagnation. In a corporate setting, a person must exude dignity and confidence. The air of intimidation is a common "feel " in such an environment.

However, if you are not much of a dress or skirt girl, you can always browse through the collection of polo shirts and blazers available on sale at Elan International dresses.

Here again, you need to make sure that the piece of clothing that you pick is not too tight but just well fitted.

It may seem superficial to say that "clothes make the person". But in today's corporate scene, clothes can spell the difference between career success or stagnation. In a corporate setting, a person must exude dignity and confidence. The air of intimidation is a common "feel " in such an environment.

There are quite a few types. All the options that are available come in a slew of sizes and it seems as if they change features constantly. There are disposables that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are gender neutral disposable ones and gender specific ones, there are colored disposable ones.

Hot pants, swoop-back bangs and heavy makeup are very popular in youth from pre-teens to well into and after college. As age increases, sexuality is included in the emo and related styles. However, emo has also been controversial at best, with allegations of strong reliance on depression, suicide and self-mutilation as visual concepts of the makeup and clothing fashion.

At first glance, an emo resembles a scene kid. However, they have remarkably different attitudes. An emo is calm, shy, and much more emotional. Sometimes they even cry at the drop of a hat. For instance, during a sad movie, it is OK for an emo to cry. The term emo is ironically a derivative of the word emotional.

If you don't have any idea what your scene girl's kit should contain, here are some tips and reminders. First, jewelry for scene girls should be very colorful and elaborate. Skinny jeans and Chuck Taylor shoes are some of the most common components of a scene girl's kit and wardrobe.

Most gothic clothing is not available in retail stores offline. You can occasionally find a gothic clothing store offline, but in larger cities. Prices for gothic clothing are going to be a bit higher, as you are purchasing a specialty item, one that will take you back in time to a point where costumes where a daily habit, and the costumes wear worn by those who had the most power in that time, and the most wisdom.

There are so many different types of brands out there these days and this is very true when it comes to clothing brands. This is probably down to the number of new clothing styles that have evolved in recent years. The emergence of extreme sports and new music genres has contributed to this as art has collided head on with fashion.

Females in the mod scene usually dressed somewhat andgrogynously, with tailored trousers or dress pants, flats, and cool makeup. Think twiggy; the light foundation and bold, stunning eyes. Who doesn't love dark liner and false lashes? The mod clothing style is usually made up of bold prints, geometric patterns, and bright colors.

Rockstar has a reputation for putting nudity and sex in their games so it's no surprise really that Red Dead Redemption would have such a scene. They proved in their Grand Theft Auto series that they like to push the boundaries of what is allowable and acceptable.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Top 5 Collections At Paris Fashion Week

Celine Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Phoebe Philo's collection for Celine incorporated minimalism, craft, sportswear and inspirations from automotive interiors with streamline cuts. The overal simplicity of this collection caught our eye. Trousers played an important roll in this Autumn Winter collection which was refreshing. Two toned troousers were a favourite which used both tweed and leather fabrics. Celine Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection could show the return of the polo neck. The chevron stripe jumper gave a true statement to what the collection was about, laidback sophistication. The use of panels within the construction of pieces complimented the block colour trends that came from London Fashion Week this season. Panelling in shirts to the panelled cream leather dress showed this collection complimented the figure.


Colours: Olive, brown, cream and pink

Must have items: Slim fitted trousers and panelled dress

Footwear: Pointed loafers and low ankle boots

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn Winter 2011 2012


Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection was all about making a statement. Not necessarily of outlandish fashion but more of a statement of society. Jean Paul Gaultier collection at Paris Fashion Week included a witty take on age, Jean Paul Gaultier stated, "how to look young - without Botox". Models were styled with grey wigs that had been backcombed and given exaggerated French pleat styles. Before his show in Paris on Saturday Jean Paul Gaultier evaluated his collection, "no corsets, no flesh! It's quite ladylike. I can't believe it". Here at Kindred Sole we love the grown up elegance of Jean Paul Gaultier's collection but love even more how a theatrical style was involved including models stripping off layers of clothing, leaving a pile at the end of the runway. The collection embraced Parisian chic with the use of prints, trouser suits and belted trench coats. The tailoring at Jean Paul Gaultier was so chic and with pieces including pussy cat bow blouses and tweed skirts and jackets, the collection was wearable.


Colours: Camel, brown, black and cream

Must have items: Belted trench coat and trouser suit

Footwear: Smart black and brown high heel shoes

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Autumn Winter 2011 2012


Vivienne Westwood is a name synonymous with fashion. Her shows are guaranteed to get people talking as a statement is always at the heart of the collection. Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection at Paris Fashion Week encapsulated a 'Woman as Warrior' theme. "I can't keep banging on about climate change, so I decided to express my thoughts about the planet through strong women, and the fact women are the guardians of culture," said Dame Vivienne Westwood after her show. Her inspirations from around the world were captivating. Prints and patterns created the fabulous looks of the show including batik prints, country florals, pinstripes and British plaids. The statement making geometric prints balanced with Victorian blouses with puff sleeves meant a balance between warrior and femininity. The tousled hair styled with face paint complimented the collection.


Colours: Burgundy, Moss green, Red and grey

Must have items: Victorian blouse, ruched pencil skirt and kaftan

Footwear: Glittery footwear, ankle boots and pointed shoes

Lanvin Autumn Winter 2011 2012 


The dark colours at Lanvin were luxurious and chic. Jewel hued tones for evening gowns were fabulous accents for Lanvin Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection. We were captivated by the wide brimmed hats and structured dresses, skirts and capes within the first set of the collection. The sternness style of the collection was mystifying. The show progressed to include black and white large floral print dresses (we love!) and draped evening dresses which are designer Alber Elbaz's signature style. The final set included brighter colours which created dresses with volume.


Colours: Black, white, cream, jewelled purple, peach pink

Must have items: Cape, wide brimmed hat and high volume dress

Footwear: Loafers, ankle strap shoes, platform sandals and high heel ankle boots

Christian Dior Autumn Winter 2011 2012


Christian Dior's Paris Fashion Week show began with a moving speech from Dior president, Sidney Toledano. This was following the dismissal of designer John Galliano amid anti-Semitic remarks made. Due to these circumstances there was tight security and a heavy police presence. The disgraced British designer was absent from the show. Christian Dior's Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection included 62 models and seemed to reveal an overal look back on Dior's previous seasons. The collection was ultra feminine. Fabrics were either sheer, appliqued or included features or fabric manipulation. An influence of lingerie was apparent with floaty silhouettes and frilly bloomers. The colour's within the collection were perfect for Autumn with burgundy, black and emerald green colour tones being used.


Colours: Black, white, silver, burgundy and emerald green

Must have items: Featured dress

Footwear: Nude strappy platform sandals, black platform high heels 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fashion Street Style Today

The number of people that were inspired by fashion street style is increasing on a daily basis. They are not getting the courage of dressing up to walk on the streets without a care about what other people might think and coming up with their own style has become easier.

The convenience of fashion street style featured in websites and several blogs out there over the internet have encouraged a lot of people to get their own style and it certainly made walking along the streets more entertaining with walking eye-candies for spectators. Whether your fashion street style is that of the jazz-age or totally retro, as long as you can pull it off on the streets then you will definitely make others enjoy walking and so would the pleasure of walking out on the streets on your part increase.

A lot of people are re-inventing themselves because of the sudden boom of street style that was aided conveniently by fashion blogs all over the internet and look-books of several online magazines.

Today, most of the people prefer casual attire on the street although of course there will be some who will still sacrifice comfort for style but what fashion street style is all about deals with a sort of rebellion against high-couture fashion or against the elitist in the fashion industry.
The outfit often seen on the streets today defines a person’s personality as it should unlike what the latest fashion trends and looks dictate.

It is very important to have your own fashion street style if you are commonly found walking along the streets and if it is your main transportation.

Treating the streets as though it’s your own catwalk won’t hurt at all and it would also help you forget about what the high standards of fashion require as you have your own world of fashion creativity.

Many believed that fashion street style is a movement against high-couture fashion but it’s not rightly so since there are definitely more styles out there and not only for the streets as there are cocktail party styles and so on. The streets simply offered a rather feeling of comfort for creative dressers out there in order to show their looks and give people something to admire about. It is considered down-to-earth and less snooty as what the look-books of today appear to be with their subjects shot in angles as though their noses were upturned.