Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perfumes is fashion statement

There are few day to day things we use and they become like inherent part of our routine and the personality trait as well, Perfumes or deodorants are one of them that show off someone's personality, choice, and standard or call it identity of a person. In your daily life, you have practically experienced that you recognize the presence of a person who is habitual to use a particular perfume, cent or deodorant. In summer season to suppress the bad odor of sweat, perfumes are the best options which give you a complete fresh and energetic feeling. It defines your personality like a strong and courageous man usually prefer to use a perfume with a strong and sharp smell, a professional person go for a perfume that truly dignifies his job, kids and teenagers girls approach to some bubbly, light smelling kind of perfumes, while the females like to use perfume with exotic and sweet smell, selection of perfume changes and always according to one's profession, age group and gender.

Even perfumes help you to catch the attraction of others or of your opposite sex.

Gender wise, males are dominating, tough, strong and hard and prefer to use perfume of strong, more alcoholic and dusky smell. Whereas female always have soft emotions and feelings and a delicacy in her that observes with the selection of perfume made. Females are known for their soft, lovely nature as they are full of emotions so they generally have collection of soft smelling perfumes. For any occasion or function some strong perfumes are also available in female range of perfumes. Females love to use perfume that may create an impact wherever she goes, in a party, office premise or any function. Before making a final choice keep few points in your mind like always check the manufacturing and expiry date of your perfume. Try smelling the number of variety in perfumes so that you can select one of your favorite. Sometimes wrong choice may result in some skin allergies or problems, therefore always look for brand name that with give you the surety of it quality.

Perfumes are need of your daily routine that delivers one's fashion statement as well. There was a time when you had to spend good amount of money for quality perfumes and low cost perfumes were generally available in local brands that were harmful for skin also. But, now you can get good quality perfumes under the well known brands as well at reasonable price that have actually made perfumes more approachable to every class, number of varieties are available in the market that offers you a wide selection option, so now spending a little buck on perfumes can stand you out different from the crowd setting your own standard.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jewellery Unveiled at London Fashion Week

There is nothing quite as exciting for the lover of fine jewellery as London Fashion Week, where top class designers gather to display their wares to admiring audiences. This year was no different, as display after display of exquisite pieces made their d├ębuts among the clamoring crowds. The focus this year was a raw delicacy with beautiful combinations of metals, wrought wood and collections of rarely used materials such as one-of-a-kind vintage beads and even fabric beads. Each piece exuded romance that did not quite speak the language of the Victorian era, but instead, had an artful contemporary twist. 

There was an earthy quality about the fashion jewellery at London Fashion Week this year as though each designer had drawn inspiration from nature. Creatures great and small were represented in the forms of jewel-encrusted foxes with ruby eyes, hand-made silver mice and rabbits and even trees with branches in silver akimbo. There were a number of dimensional scarab pieces in insect and moth themes, as well as art deco animal pieces by way of rhinos, antelope heads and elephants. 

Delicate bracelets are all the rage this year with frosted pastel colored Lucite pieces trimmed with brass. Some were museum quality in their sculptural grace. Architectural designs were also big at fashion week with necklaces that resembled scaffolding and gears adding a touch of elegance to a steam punk look. Large, chunky rings ruled the show in bright, oversized shapes that did not necessarily go with a set, but rather stood alone as beautiful accents. 

Cultured pearls made a renewed appearance in silver bibs or connected with leather, to offer a stark textural contrast and adhere to the earthy overall theme of the show. Ethereal, light and graceful are three qualities of this year’s rather delicate chains and heart-themed pieces. 

Men’s jewellery took on an elegant masculinity with brass dog tags and dress collars with embellishments that came in limited numbers. The masculine imagery of hammers and nails was apparent in a number of pieces that included cufflinks and chunky identification bracelets. The London designer jewellery show at Fashion Week was simply spectacular.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Romantic with Lanvin's Collection at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

Gone with the wind, the dreamy, oh-so-lovely creations by Alber Elbaz's for Lanvin simply took the onlookers breath away. Models dressed in romantic dresses with contemporary look ambled down the ramp. And then it was clear why Alber Elbaz was quoted as saying, "It's all from dreams, from the soul."

The Lanvin show had fitted bodices teamed with sinuous flowing skirts in soft colors. But it wasn't just pallid hues that ruled the ramp, Lanvin dresses later moved to dark colours, like his day-to-night clothes. Shades of jhaki, black, blue, red to pink, name it and he has it. The designer also covered the long and the short of dresses, minimalistic yet exotic.

The response to the collection was overwhelming, International Herald Tribune writes, "Walked a magisterial line between the industrial and the romantic, as though the designer Alber Elbaz were dressing women for the dichotomy that is their modern lives." The Elbaz's trademark draping won hearts when the four models in finale parade walked in one-shoulder gowns in warm blue hues and in animal-printed chiffons including robes, halter-necks and trousers made of same fabric taut at the ankle.

The fashion drama got complete with butterfly-shaped buckles in belts chokers. In accessories, one couldn't take off eyes from the brown belts and mini de-glam sling bags.

With swirly, sheer align dresses, tank outfits, loosen long wide-neck shirts teamed with leggings to kaftan inspired gowns, short skirts and sleeveless frocks with metallic embellishments, futuristic bulked-up tops, glamorous monokinis, Lanvin gave a modern woman a reason to dress with his pret-a-porter collection.

That''s why Vogue writes, "One of those dynamic moments where Alber Elbaz has it all lined up: the woman, the dress, the modernity, the gasp-inspiring glamour."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Designer Sunglasses ? Indispensable Accessories for Daily Use

Accessorizing before stepping out has become a norm these days. From dazzling earrings to classy suit cuff links, we always want the right kind of accessories to complete our look and complement our style. Designer sunglasses are essential accessories that one just can’t do without. From protecting your precious eyes to making look like a diva, fashion sunglasses are definitely must-have accessories.

There are many designers offering sunglasses in an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes. One of the main reasons why people go for designer shades is for their durability and long-lasting UV protection. When you step out into the sun, the bright light stings your eyes. Wearing DKNY sunglasses gives your eyes relief from sun damage. UVA and UVB rays of the sun damage the area around your eyes too, causing wrinkles and dark spots. Designer sunglasses from DKNY with oversized frames cover the entire eye area, offering maximum protection.

The style factor is also essential while buying sunglasses. Costa Del Mar sunglasses with thinner frames are perfect for fashion-savvy women. Thicker frames are best suited for men who love the bold look. The brand logo embedded on the shades adds to your fashion status. You can also find sunglasses with semi-precious stones and crystals on the hinges and temples enhancing the style quotient.

When you are buying a pair of designer sunglasses, check out the lens. Scratch-resistant and impact-resistant lenses are long-lasting, strong, and are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Polarized lenses prevent the glare of the sun from reaching your eyes, making them a great choice for sailors and swimmers. Mirrored lenses reduce the amount of sunlight blocking your view, giving you a clearer vision. These lenses also give you an authoritative look.

Whether you love sailing and fishing in summer or skiing down the snowy slopes in winter, fashion sunglasses can be used round the year in all climatic conditions for complete sun protection.
A wise investment as well as a fashion statement, Chloe designer sunglasses have classic designs with timeless appeal. You can also place your corrective lenses into a designer frame to get designer prescription sunglasses. These prescription glasses are very similar to regular sunglasses and are increasingly gaining popularity. Most top brands offer prescription sunglasses in various colors and sizes.
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