Monday, October 26, 2009

London Fashion Week And The Tribe Of Doris!

Pukka is a Hindi word meaning authentic, genuine or more colloquially top quality. It comes from the Sanskrit pakwa and this sentiment of offering the best quality organic Ayurvedic herbs and service is what we at Pukka Herbs are all about. Our unique range of organic herbal remedies and award winning teas are based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda the art of living wisely. We set up Pukka Herbs to make the wonders of this wisdom easily accessible to everyone.

From the 10th till the 17th of August the Tribe of Doris - a seamless fusion of summer camp and festival - hit a site in Devon with over 40 workshops in drumming, dance and song from award winning and inspirational teachers from Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Doris is a participatory event, where learning from these amazing artists is the core activity but there were also world class performances, open mic sessions, jamming, Ceremonies, fireside jamborees, a wellbeing zone as well as a host of creative youth and childrens activities!

Visitors could get involved in djembe drumming at all levels, sabar, African ballet and contemporary African dance, Flamenco song and dance, samba, Brazilian song and dance, Sufi whirling, belly dance, Middle Eastern music, Moroccan Gnawa and much more, culminating in a huge firelit celebration of the weeks workshops on Saturday night. And Pukka was there (in spirit!) to provide a refreshing back note in the form of our teas!

We've had some lovely feedback from Miriam Saltmarshe, Nutritionist for Models at London Fashion Week about some of our lovely Pukka goodies that were helping keep the models in tip top shape!

Pukka's elderberry syrup worked a treat for any of the models who were coming down with a cold or cough and worked very well with their Three Ginger tea. To support skin health we used Pukka's bionutrients (Clean Greens and Vitalise) with their delicious teas, Cleanse and Detox, which replaced tea and coffee.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fashion Statement

Paris has always been known as "the fashion center of the center." Internationally recognized most of the top fashion brand headquarters located here. The message from this international trend of the benchmark, leading the international fashion trend. Precisely because of this, Paris Fashion Week in New York, London and Milan Fashion Week, Fashion Week and said the four largest.

Whether Carl La Fair or Marc Jacobs, the fashion Week in Paris, big-name designers who usually not hesitate to come up with special skill. The better to build the stage, cream of the crop land use model. All this only for the fashion capital of Paris fashion show of new ideas.

Moncler Jackets also very stylish proposition.

Issey Miyake in Paris as a global brand for the audience Fashion Week spring and summer created a fantasy world. As on-site commentary said, "If you want a better perception of the world spirit, to be completely into the darkness."

Together world-renowned designers have set off a refined sense of tailoring and fabric of the royal family as honorable fashion. They will cut the fabric and bold package, reflecting the gorgeous and add a stylish modern ideas.

Can be said that velvet is the fabric permanently withstand the test of time. The smooth and flowing with special texture, thick and warm at the same time with a shine. These features allow designers the opportunity to innovate on the scale in the clothing design. Has created a number of multi-purpose, multi-look appeal. For example, sexy dress and coat. So velvet fabrics was welcomed by the red carpet celebrity dress and fashionable daily dress.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fashionable Long Skirts For Women

Long pleated skirts are considered as an elegant and traditional wear for females. These Long skirts For Women have been in use since long time. Today we introduce you with an amazing Long Pleated Skirts which is crafted and designed according to the newest fashions and trends. These skirts are fashionable and charming increasing the overall beauty of females. They are very attractive and may be worn out all types of events. They are bound to grasp attention of the viewers through their cool looks.


This elegant Long Pleated Skirts may be worn at the wedding ceremonies and during the parties. They are purposely made for both indoor and outdoor wear. The comfort level provided by these Long Skirts For Women is high. They are relaxing and very comfortable.

Material plays a vital role in these dresses. This contains one of the finest fabrics offering a soft touch. These Long Pleated Skirts may be easily matched up with all types of tops or t- shirts. It is a very durable product and may serve out for you for long time. They may be worn on daily basis as they are very easy to clean. Fine threads and quality material do not make them shrink even if washed daily.


An elastic band is been used at the waist of these Long Pleated Skirts. This is a high quality elastic and does not get loosened by daily washes. This is a common problem been observed in other type of cheap skirts available in the market. The elastic is flexible and balances the pressure very well. It does not leave any type of visible marks at your beautiful waist.


If you wish to impress someone and don't have any idea in your mind then you can simply wrap up this wonderful Long Skirts For Women and may offer her as a gift. It can easily change the mood of your angry wife or girlfriend. After going through all these interesting points about the dress, it is impossible for the females to resist them from this amazing product.


If you are in a real hurry, you just need to go online for shopping this product. This Long Skirts For Women is very economical and cheap as compared to other skirts available in the market. What are you waiting for? Enjoy your wonderful life wearing this eye catching dress amongst your friends and relatives.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ways to See Fashion Week

Fashion Week is internationally known. The Fashion industry convenes in four locations worldwide, New York, London, Milan, and Paris. At each venue, outstanding examples of designer's clothing are showcased. It provides an excellent time for up and coming designers to discover what the clothes will be like in the next season, making it easy to see why it is so popular world wide.

There are a few ways to get into this exclusive event, and journalists are among those admitted. One industry-exclusive event are Fashion Weeks, invitations are only given to designers, models, journalists, fashion professionals and celebrities. Journalists eager to see Fashion Week should try to network with designers, models, or sponsors who can get you admission. Be sure to look at the official Fashion Week site regarding information to apply that is specifically for writers.

Some media groups do coverage of fashion events so find out if such opportunities are available for you.

Models. A big part of the success of Fashion Week is the catwalk strutted by models at each event. You should go to the featured cities Fashion Week's website to sign up if you think you are hot enough, a complete list of credentials and the ability to strut your stuff.

Volunteer. If you have free time and live in New York City, you should try to find out if you can volunteer during the Week. However, being a Fashion Week volunteer is not as simple as it may seem---you would be an organizers' assistant and have many clerical assignments. It's fun to see models, celebrities, stars, and also get a leg up on current fashions!

You can buy tickets. Don't expect to get off cheap during the Week.

The official Fashion Week website offers tickets ranging from for one show to ,000 for all of its shows. You may not want to spend that much; fortunately, other hotels will offer tickets during the Week that will allow you to see some of the shows. Credit card companies offer a variety of services including entertainment packages for those who love watching a show. For more information on the hospitality industry, check corporate websites for additional details.

Attending Fashion Week will start things off. At fashion events around the world, style and glamour walk hand in hand. Dress up in your best garb and do your best to copy the stylish walk of the fashion model. Now that you've been invited to the world's most exclusive fashion show, you need to demonstrate that you belong.