Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 Awesome Fashion Week Facts

Not a frequenter of the most important tent in the world? Find it hard to follow the hundreds of bloggers commenting on each individual runway look? Well, here are AllMediaNY.com's official top three most important (or at least most entertaining) things to know about this week's Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, summarized:

1.  At MBFW, you shouldn't be afraid to speak your mind: With the release of his new book, "Project Runway," host extraordinaire Tim Gunn has been speaking out all over fashion week, calling out Anna Wintour for her dictator-like tactics, calling lost fashion soul Taylor Momsen "pitiful," and more. Gunn's comments have certainly  made for a very fun, gossipy fashion week.

2.  The celebrity who attended the most shows is…: At fashion week, it's almost a competition to see who frequents the front row most.

And this year? Surprisingly, the winner seems to be "Gossip Girl" star Jessica Szohr, which is funny because her character is consistently dressed the most boringly on the show.

3.  Gaga fashion is out, mostly: This season's shows featured way more hippy boho chic collections (see: all of the Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs collections) than the insanity that might have expanded from Gaga's obsession with all things goth/pantsless/crazy. It's a relief to know there won't be any meat dresses on the runway anytime soon.

With a great new feel at Lincoln Center rather than Bryant Park, this season's Spring '11 fashion week was as exciting, entertaining and fashionable as our wildest dreams. Here's to hoping London Fashion Week, which follows directly after New York, can rise to the same level.


By: Rachel Allen


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Fashion Casual Clothing

1, a strong color with:

That match the color of the two far apart, such as: yellow and purple, red and green, this color strong.

Daily life, we often see is black, white, gray and other colors of the match. Black, white, gray is no color, so no matter what colors they have no major problems. In general, if the same color and white with, it will appear bright; and black becomes dark with time. Therefore, before making clothing color should weigh with you in order to highlight Gucci outlet online which part of the clothing. Do not calm colors, such as: dark brown, with dark purple and black, and black that would show "grab color" of the consequences, so there is no key set of clothing, but also the overall performance of clothing appeared to be very heavy, dark and colorless.

Black and yellow are the most dazzling mix

Red and black, very grand, but without losing the charm of the oh

2, the complementary color with:

Refers to the color contrast with the two, such as: red and green, Asics Shoes blue and orange, black and white and other, complementary color contrast matching can sometimes receive better results. Black and white is always classical.

Coordination of color with which they can be divided into:

1, the same principle refers to the color with depth, two different kinds of light and dark colors to match the same class, such as: blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with cream, dark red with light red, etc., with similar colors seem soft and elegant clothing.

Pink color of the mix, so that the whole lot of people look soft ~

2, the approximate color match:

Refers to the color of two closer match, such as: red and orange or purple to match the yellow and Gucci outlet grass green or orange to match other

Not everyone can wear a green dress nice, green and yellow of the match, giving the feeling of a very spring, the overall feeling is very simple and elegant, still ~ lady inadvertently revealed to taste

Professional Women of color matching. Women dressed in professional activities of professional women in the office place, low-saturation can concentrate on the work of one of the people, calmly deal with various issues, and create a calm atmosphere. Professional women dressed more in the indoor environment, limited space, people always want more personal space, wearing a low purity of color will increase the distance between people and reduce crowding.

Easier for low-purity color coordinate with other colors, which makes the kind of harmony between people a sense of increased, helping to form a pattern of collaboration. In addition, you can easily use the low purity of color with the characteristics of the limited clothing with a rich combination. Meanwhile, the low purity gives humility, tolerance, maturity, borrowing the language of color; working women are more vulnerable to other people's attention and trust.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

High Fashion Shoes

Sometimes we can hear this opinion: no men care about shoes, or that all women do. It is believed that so long as the shoe fits, men dont care about their footwear. However, this is a misperception. Every man wants footwear that stands out from the rest to build his grooming. The Shoes are a necessity and help add up the overall appearance. Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right men's shoes.
The first factor to look for is the Comfort when choosing a durable and attractive pair of shoe. Men rarely take off their shoes unlike women; they need footwear that will ease the pain on their feet during the long day at work. No matter how good it looks, if it bites, it will certainly ruin the overall appearance by ruining your posture and walking style. Moreover, this shoe will lose shape fast if it is squeezing.
The next key is the color, must go well with your pants. In most cases, men prefer the dark colors since they are easy to maintain and not easily noted if they are dirty. However, this does not always have to be so. Good and matching footwear should have a color that is darker than the pants. You can wear almost any color or style of shoe with jeans, but avoid very shiny shoes that were obviously intended for dressier outfits.
The material should also be a factor to look at too. Some are made of bad quality material which will not withstand water and tarnish the look within no time. Moreover, some plastic material gives off a discomforting smell when exposed to the sunlight or when your feet get hot. It is good to choose a material that is friendly to your feet and which is durable.

These are a few things that men need to be concern when deciding to purchase a pair of shoes. Aurelio Garcia is an important Shoe Store that offers unique designs of high fashion men shoes, and here you can find the best shoes for you.
Some people have hobbies. We have shoes. At www.aureliogarciashoes.com youll find an incredible selection of fashionable mens shoes of unique styles. The latest and greatest looks are here with new styles arriving daily. We make it easy to shop your favorite styles and brands.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

London Fashion Week: Runway Rundown

If New York Fashion Week was a snowstorm of icy white hues, then the London designers radiated a tropical sunburst of hot pinks, bright tangerines, highlighter yellows, and muted sea tones on the catwalk.

Basically, the Spring/Summer 2011 collections on London's runway this week could be described in one word: color. And lots of it.  A few notable designers who used dominant color in their fashions included Mary Katrantzou, Michael van der Ham, and Jonathan Saunders, as New York Times Fashion editor Cathy Horyn noted. Although she admired their bold use of color, she criticized their style originality and ability to fulfill their overall vision. Point taken.

Nonetheless, London kept this season's catwalk vibrant with a decent variety of style and, of course, color. A few other highlights (pun intended) from this week:

Burberry: The luxurious Brit fashion house neglected to premiere as a complete collection, but does it even matter? At Burberry's show, the infamous name still managed to attract plenty of A-listers such as Alexa Chung, Andy Murray, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Andy Murray.

Bailey, Christopher: Bailey showcased a tough, quirky look with studded, motorcycle-inspired leather, dark leggings, and miniskirts.

Deacon, Giles: Deacon is known for outlandish fashions inspired by ordinary materials, and this season his designs stayed true to form.

He used Band-Aids for prints and accessories, so the catwalk appeared to be a kitsch, garbage-filled beauty pageant.

Kane, Christopher: Kane's designs were true to the color theme of the week. He combined intense colors with thin materials in unexpected shapes. Although the style was a bit strange, it was architecturally interesting and original.

Kirchhoff, Benjamin: Put together a manic show of brightly colored lace dresses, sometimes mixed with civilian khaki, but it could be their way of keeping their sanity and freedom while others just want to make more money.

Pilotto, Peter: Chic dresses with almost sculptural draping showed a lot of finesse. Eager to contain glamour,

Schwab, Marios: Schwab's designs were perhaps the greatest stand out of all—a beautiful combination of silky, feminine short dresses and rugged leather. It was simple, elegant, and edgy.

All in all, this season's London Fashion Week can be described a triumph of color, with the occasional outburst of creativity.


By: Chloe Hill


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