Saturday, March 27, 2010

"may 1" Golden Week With A Fashion Spike Eye Out Decoration

With "51" of holidays, in Decoration Good season in order to choose the right home improvement Home improvement Single product, it would have "51" during a big harvest.

In decoration, love home you do not want to miss any of their homes to become a good U.S. single product, it will not let go of any of the family can enjoy good health and pleasant environment and good Creative . Combination of science and technology, Environmental protection Personality types of home improvement products alone fashion, I give you a love themselves, love their families a great opportunity.

Low-carbon environment prevails

Home Single items are numerous, and their characteristics are diverse.

Which was mentioned most often is a low-carbon green, low carbon homes in the concept is widely used. Decorative material on the ground floor is a large single-product low-carbon green cards to play.

Family of scholars to Sell Director and General Manager of North East Lin Bokun introduced aesthetics on the floor to do in reducing the formaldehyde emission of low-carbon environment. Floor of the formaldehyde emission, the national standard is less than equal to 1.5mg / L, while the family of scholars in aesthetics floor far below the national standard formaldehyde emission requirements.

Addition to reducing emissions of formaldehyde and other harmful gases, natural flooring with the anion emission is its large green playing card, Hou Ming, general manager of natural flooring introduced 24-hour natural flooring release negative ions, in the premise of ensuring the health, but also to create a good home environment.

Coexistence of functional and decorative

Buy home improvement Building Materials Single product, the functionality has been a consumer concern.

However, after the decorative with appropriate integration, the two would make domestic products more competitive and attractive.

In tile single product, the gold Italian pottery shop Shopping guide Houshi Yu introduced decorative application in ceramic tile to tile considerably. Italy recently, Tao launch of the "excess golden color series", with 30% of the polished, matte tiles with traditional treatment, compared difference is not only a good polishing texture, but also to ensure the non-slip tile surface abrasion resistance, is the combination of utility and decorative good example. This is the flagship of the new products. Meanwhile Zhuoyuan ceramic launch of the "health stone", will lead the health and comfort of consumers, "Neolithic" Zhuoyuan Shenyang Qibo Min, general manager of Golden Resources Borda was very proud of building materials, unique world-class 1:1: a true stone technology, 1 +1 +1 health technology, technology, and 20 times a thousand fold true rock and other advanced technology to Zhuoyuan beyond the traditional ceramic pottery and stone products.

Character display

Retro feel and modern weaving

With "80" after a major consumer group, these consumers the choice of home decorating products on a single, full character. In the choice of flooring and tile, from the popular antique style then popular nowadays three-dimensional effect, the application of products in the home, attracted many consumers.

Hou Ming, general manager of natural flooring Antique Series floor introduced the series to do the floor by hand the old process, is an alternative style floor show, while the number of floors of wearable million turn up, much higher than ordinary floor 4000 to 5000 turn, this "old" floor will be very durable. Modern full three-dimensional effects, in tile have been promoted. Gold Italian pottery shop Shopping guide Houshi Yu sermon, King Tao means the "transcendent realm" series, each piece of tile has a different texture, collage, created after the three-dimensional, this style is also popular with consumers is full of personality love.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Discount And Practical Shoes For Daily Wear

All girls dream of having the magic shoes to transform their lives. Growing up with this Cinderella myth, we never cease to look for the perfect shoes which will make us stand out in the crowd. As the most revealing part of your outfit, they are the windows to your taste. Usually discount shoes are listed on the top of our shopping list due to their affordable price and fashionable design. For daily wear, practical shoes attract many customers all over the world. They really make a difference.

Umbro shoes will always lift our spirits due to its charismatic qualities. Adored by many customers, they are so durable that they can withstand hours of walking without hurting our feet. The new Umbro GT Pro is one of the most significant models to Umbro' various ranges. The lightweight micro-fiber helps to improve the strength of the shoes and reduce their weight.

Coming in many models, they are loved for their sleek and streamlined design. And many of them are available at low price.

As a symbol of status and wealth, people all over the world fall for them by Adidas' indefinable allure. When it comes to Adidas, practicality and comfort pop into our minds. It is sensible to choose them that are comfortable to wear. At the junction of appearance and comfort, we will undoubtedly choose them which free our feet. As the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, they never cease to keep their brand value. And it is perfect for daily wear due to its design.

Hardy Nike shoes are always our best choice when we are looking for a pair of practical shoes. As a combination of fashion and comfort, Nike never goes out of fashion. And they are specially designed to provide protection for our feet. Materials including glass fiber and carbon fiber are applied to meet the high demands of the customers.

Identified with high quality and prestige, discount shoes are loved by fashion lovers. You can't wait getting your hands on them due to their relatively low price and fashionable design.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oliver Tolentino Wows Them At Fashion Week El Paseo

Philippine-born fashion designer Oliver Tolentino showcased more than just his elegant couture at Fashion Week El Paseo in Palm Springs last Saturday night he also proudly showcased his heritage. In response, the crowd gave him a rare standing ovation.

Oliver was invited over a year ago by sponsor Palm Springs Life magazine to be the featured Designer of the Week at El Paseo, a fashion event considered the most prestigious in all of California. El Paseo is the street known as the Rodeo Drive of Palm Springs.

Under the El Paseo tent, larger than any at New Yorks Bryant Park, Oliver showcased 68 pieces before a standing-room-only 600+ crowd. When the lights went dark, Palm Springs socialites heard old news reels about thousands of pairs of shoes followed by Imelda Marcos voice discussing her concept of beauty. As members in the audience smiled, a thunderous symphonic piece heralded the start of his Spring-Summer 2011 collection.

Olivers special muse, Philippine supermodel Tutay Maristela, stepped out and commanded the crowds attention as she emoted alone on the runway in the gown that won the Eco Sustainable Award last October when Oliver represented the Philippines in the Bahamas. Tutay paused in the middle of the runway before the first song began.

It was a mostly American audience, but the Filipinos in attendance got goose bumps when they realized Oliver chose Sylvia La Torre singing Galawgaw to open his show. Boom Dayupay (from Kulay) had mixed a faster version with a beat so Oliver could use the Tagalog song. It was particularly fitting as Sylvia La Torres granddaughter, Hollywood actress Anna Maria Perez De Tagle (Camp Rock, Fame, and Hannah Montana), was seated in the front row.

It was clear Oliver had insisted that the Philippines also would be on display for this audience, which included international designer Trina Turk. Olivers entire collection was inspired by Hollywood circa 1950s-1960s, and his ready-to-wear segment was 20 sophisticated looks of shorts, pedal pushers, pants, over-blouses, and boleros in bright spring colors comprised mostly of indigenous fabrics pia, abaca, and raw silk cocoon.

Eartha Kitts Wayray Wayray, also remixed by Boom, kicked off Olivers cocktail segment, featuring 21 vibrant-colored balloon dresses, sleeved dresses with oversized turtle-neck collars, and empire-cut baby doll dresses, all indigenous fabrics. Most were accented with belts embellished with Philippine fresh water pearls, beads, and sequins.

Oliver featured 22 couture evening gowns in darker colors of silk chiffon, dupioni silk, and beaded lace. Gowns were embellished with Swarovski crystals, hand-made rosettes, beads, and sequins. Several featured dramatic asymmetrical drapings in the bodice and skirt.

Five traditional wedding gowns closed the show. The bridal pieces were made of French lace, duchess satin, tulle, and native pia and abaca. Tutay dramatically modeled the final gown, sitting down in the middle of a mountain of tulle for effect.

When Oliver appeared for the final walk-out, the crowd rose to its feet in a rare standing ovation for such a discriminating, fashion-knowledgeable audience. Wearing a cream abaca fiber jacket, Oliver appeared surprised and moved by the sustained applause. He escorted Tutay to the end of the runway and took a bow not just for himself but for his native Philippines.

Besides Trina Turk, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and fashion editors and journalists, guests in attendance included Los Angeles Philippine Consul General Mary Jo Aragon and Mr. T. Baker Smith and his wife Lisa. Mr. Smith is a partner with Accenture Consulting, the largest foreign employer in the Philippines. The Smiths flew in from New York where they have hosted Olivers trunk shows for Manhattan socialites. Olivers show was followed by an after-party in his honor at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Palm Springs Life will feature him and his show in its upcoming issue.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Victoria Beckham unveiled her first signature handbag at her New York Fashion Week show

Victoria Beckham unveiled her first signature LV Handbags at her New York Fashion Week show.


The singer-turned-fashion-designer debuted her Spring/Summer 11 line in a townhouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side yesterday afternoon. The range consisted of 26 elegant dresses and her first statement bag.

Victoria sat in the front row giving her own commentary on all the looks, discussing her inspirations, fabrics and the techniques employed making each dress and accessory.

Victoria said she was particularly proud of her bag, which will sell for £1200. She said she had created the luxury item in collaboration with Marc Jacobs designer Katie Hillier and was glad of Katie's expertise in the area.

"I knew what I wanted, but I needed someone with the expertise, who knew about factories," Victoria said.

The Victoria Women Handbags is a square, two-handled tote that comes in two colours, buffalo and crocodile.

It also comes in two sizes, one smaller bag and one large travelling one.

Victoria's dresses received admiring gasps as they came down the runway. In a departure from her usual style, Victoria favoured flowy silhouettes instead of her usual structure and corsetry.

She said she had created on violet silk number by simply wrapping one and a half metres of fabric around herself and tying it in a knot.

Another stand-out garment was a mandarin-coloured shift dress. Victoria explained the piece had been made in three sections, with the middle segment cut on the bias to make it as flattering as possible.

"It really hugs and flatters the body. I wanted to celebrate curves," she said. "And the cotton fabric really soaks up the colour".

Silk in eye-popping shades featured heavily in Victoria's show, as did high-waistlines and statement seams.