Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Attended Milan Fashion Week 2010

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom hit the runway for Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy on Thursday, September 25. Miranda Kerr has been in the family way for 5 months but is still seductive and toned. The celebrity couple attended the P&G Prestige and Vogue: the Scent Of The Future cocktail party during Milano Fashion Week Womenwear Spring/Summer 2011 in Milan, Italy. The image of Miranda Kerr in newly-rounded figure but wearing high-heels shocked the audiences and fans. Let\'s have a look at the most stunning images of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom to attend Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy on Thursday, September 25, 2010.


The 27-year-old supermodel looked so charming and beautiful in a short tight black minidress at the P&G Prestige and Vogue event during Milan Fashion Week 2010


The Victoria\'s Secret Angel is five months pregnant showing off her newly-rounded body shape


Miranda Kerr and her husband Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child


The pregnant woman was so confident and happy when she was spotted outside the event


The parents-to-be couple looked excited at the P&G Prestige and Vogue show during Milan Fashion Week 2010


Before arriving Milan, Italy for Milan Fashion Week 2010, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom had taken a trip from Germany, where Bloom is now filming The Three Musketeers


The hotties revealed Miranda Kerr\'s pregnancy earlier this year, shortly after the secret wedding in Anguilla during the summer


Regularly taking a good diet and doing exercises helps Miranda Kerr keep in shape even when she is pregnant


The brilliant supermodel revealed her baby bump in an advertisement for her organic skincare range Kora


Orlando Bloom, the "Lord of the Rings" star is really excited about his wife\'s pregnancy



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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion online have good discounts

The world of technology has rapidly advanced and has benefited a large number of people. In times when people have no time to indulge in any activity that they are fond of due to the busy hectic schedules that have to cope up with on a daily basis, it isn’t uncommon to find people say that shopping is the last thing on their mind. People often complain that in spite of shopping for clothes being one of the most necessary features of an individual’s life, one doesn’t have the time to go out and check out different stores and pick up apparels and accessories that they like the best. In such cases Fashion online has gained a lot of popularity due to its easy and convenient ways.

Fashion online has become an integral part of people’s lives and all one needs to do is click a few buttons and purchase all that they require.

There are a number of fashion stores online and this is a huge rage among busy corporate, executives and even those who wish to purchase things by simply sitting in the confines of their home. It definitely saves a lot of time, energy and efforts and helps you pick up the best items.

Fashion online has a wide range of collection and their collections is available in various sizes as well. So all one needs to do is give their right sizes and order for the dress they like best. Another advantage of these online stores is that they have value for money and have discounts running at almost all times.

Fashion online has a large collection of designer brands as well and combined with the discount offers, it becomes extremely easy and convenient to purchase branded apparels that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Also, clothes that are not a part of the designer collection has sale periods and you can pick up more than what you thought you could by making use of the money saving schemes. Fashion online has easy payment methods and clicking a few buttons can help you pick up your desired apparel and accessory.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New York Fashion: How it is Still the Fashion Capital

New York has been synonymously associated with glamour and fashion. Since time immemorial, New York has become a hub of fashion designers, models and stars who strut their formal wear in the different movie premiers and award ceremonies. Today, the fashion industry is alive and well. With the different people's style, New York is truly in par with Paris, Milan and Tokyo.

Fashion has evolved in different decades. There are developments in fashion in whatever time you look at. During the 70s, it is undeniable that it is a break in every person's shell. It was the age when being hip is cool. It was the day when disco was at its peak and punk is at its height of popularity. These musical influences paved way and went hand in hand in creating a norm when it comes to the fashion of their time.

By the time the 80s made its way and supplanted the 70s, people started looking retro.

With the glam rock that hit the stage; though it was dubbed as the worst era in music, a lot of people dressed like rock stars. With spray net and the colorful and flashy attire; most of the youth during this decade became what we recognize now as the lady gaga fashion sense.

When the 90s ended the reign of the glam rockers; grunge became the alternative music to the long 80s decade. Grunge, similar to punk's rebel yell attitude; made their torn down jeans and their black shirts the epitome of what Kurt Cobain was. With the height of this music genre, it also ended right after Cobain died and so did the fashion sense that it carried.

New Millennia's first decade is very unproductive in terms of fashion. What it did was to revive the trends of the past. From how people brought their shorts up during the 80s; people today are doing the same. With the gypsy look of the 70s; the present day kids are also ripping it all off. And who knows what they could think of next.

The point is, in every generation people will dress differently. But there are things in fashion that can never change. For example, if you are wearing a custom made suit; that suit can still be worn three to four years from now! There are some things that should be treated with elegance and timelessness. This is the reason why some gowns worn by female artists are tailored made similar to the 1920s cocktail dress.

Tailors in NJ and NY are the best when it comes to the creation of dresses and men's suits. NJ is now following the lead of NY maybe because of its proximity to NY. And it could be possible that it already adapted the system of designs by the custom tailors in NY. New York wouldn't be called as the world's fashion capital if not for the complex and well made dress shirts of NY designers and tailors. With the different elegant attire, tailored suits in NY and their cocktail dresses; the title for the city may be there to last.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Indian Weding Fashions

Wedding Fashions :-

The day of your life is coming and you don't know what to wear? Want to be fashionable as you are in your daily life? Wedding dresses, just like all the other clothing, have their own fashion line. Make the most of your wedding and purchase the trendiest dress.

It's rather difficult to describe the wedding dress fashion, as every single bride has her own needs and tastes. Yet, there is one thing common to all - they want to be fashionable, therefore they choose dresses that designers offer.

A few years ago, dresses that there simple, straight and would expose brides' body, were very fashionable. No patchworks, no huge accessories. Simple and elegant dresses were in control of the industry. Today it's rather different. Brides are looking as princesses and queens.

The so called "cake" dress is extremely fashionable. The top of it sticks to the body, exposing brides' breasts and trunk, while the lover part is very wide. Even special rims are used in order to make it as wide as possible. Materials used for this lover part are usually soft and thick, so that many coats of it would create a very light effect. It looks perfect on any type of body.

Another type is similar to the one that was fashionable a few years ago. Dresses are straight and made of silk. The bride who is wearing it looks elegant and very feminine. Yet such dresses do not look very good on short brides and those who have some extra weight. You must be very careful while choosing this type.

The main difference in recent and today's fashion is patchworks. Every single dress must have at least some of those. If it's a "cake" type dress, you should choose the one that has simple lover part and patch worked upper part. The same while talking about straight wedding dresses, yet you may choose the one has both parts patch worked.

The most popular and trendy material is surely silk. It makes any bride look luxurious. Silk is so popular because the fall of it is very special and it is easy to achieve various effects with it. However, you should remember that this material is very sensitive. For example if you are planning to sit a lot, have in mind that it'll crumple.

As far as dresses are very luxurious, you should choose appropriate shoes. Don't pick the simplest ones they're totally out of fashion. Something with patchwork or ribbon would be perfect.

There can be no discussion about colors. White and that's it. Yet if you want something original, choose a dress (and shoes) with, for example golden patchworks. It'll make you shine and you'll surely look original.

Yet, the most important thing in choosing dress is that you have to like it. If they offer you a very fashionable dress and it looks perfect on you, but you don't like it - just forget about it. It is your day and no mater whether your dress is trendy or not, you must feel beautiful for yourself.