Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fashion Skirts | Ladies Fashion Dresses

The term Victorian fashion is generally used only with regard to the United Kingdom. There were certain clothing styles and mannerisms that were observed during this period. In the early period of the Victorian Era, the silhouette for the woman was more of the demure kind. Women wore pointed bodice, which were long and had fitting waists. The bodice was designed to enhance the waist. In the early period, Victorian clothing for women was about restriction of arm movements. Another interesting feature were the detachable collars! The colors used in the early period of the Victorian fashion were soft, pastel shades. Patterns were delicate and fashionable, all designed to maintain the femininity of the woman. Beehive shaped skirts was another characteristic feature of Victorian fashion. Here, garments were stiffened to give a particular appearance. Crin also known as horsehair, was used for a particular portion of a garment so that it stiffens in that particular area.

Crin was used for hem linings and sleeve heads of the dresses. Although cloth was manufactured in the mills, Victorian clothing in 1837 was generally designed and assembled by tailors and other such specialized people who were into designing clothes and hats. These people catered to only a specific few of the society who could afford this service; others stitched their clothes at home. Bell shaped skirts also became a rage and these became wider in the 1830s. The bell shape soon became dome shaped. As these skirts became bigger and flared out, they also needed support from the inside. Victorian dresses therefore needed to be worn with a lot of petticoats. The lower portion was also supported by horsehair, which were woven into the pattern for the stiffened look.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fashion Contests

Fashion contests entail the exhibition of designs to potential fashionistas. It's the basic platform on which new designs are launched. You can do this through sketches or complete works that are shown on runways both local and international. Fashion contests will also involve the sale of creations which need to be alluring for them to attract more and more potential buyers. The larger an audience a designer will reach the broader his / her market will be. When organizing a fashion contest, one needs to consider the target audience. By doing so, picking designs that will interest them will be easy and there won't be any risk of missing out on any of them.

Observing the current trends in the market will enable one to know what works for what ages and what is out. Starting out small is the key word since these humble beginnings will give one the required experience. Starting at the top could be frustrating since there are better people in the market, individuals who have been doing this for years. Learning from your own mistakes as well as the other peoples mistakes is of great help in becoming a fully fledged designer. Researching widely will make one more knowledgeable on what is expected of them in this glamorous yet demanding industry.

Fashion contests will involve entrances to competitions that are basically on design. These will help the upcoming designer to learn and have a first hand experience on how well suited they are for the fashion industry. Fashion designs require one to be creative if they are to capture what is missing and yet most needed design in the market. What will keep you going in the fashion contests is a strong will to survive and succeed at the same time. It's good to be hopeful but at the same time being over ambitious may turn things for the worst.

Winning is epitome but not winning does not meant that you are not good enough. It simply means that you have a lot to do to get up there. This will mean hard work and thanks to the exposure in the fashion contest, you'll surely know where you went wrong. Trying again will be the next course of action and you'll surer get to where you aspire to be. Success is always within reach and with the knowhow of how to get there, you can count the barriers broken. Fashion contests will enable you walk the journey of triumph and while at it never give up! The finish line could be just some seconds away!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Indian Designer Manish Arora with his Baroque Ornamentation at Paris Fashion Week

Future is here, at least for the Indian designer Manish Arora, who showcased his Baroque Ornamentation at Paris Fashion Week. The designer, known for his love of vibrant colours and abstract shapes, took inspiration from Baroque, an artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century predominating Europe characterized by dynamic movement, overt emotion and self-confident rhetoric. For Manish it was individualistic and very Indian, though some of the fashion critics have said its Lady Gaga goin gaga.

Manish combined Indian techniques with geometric designs in bold beautiful colours with a heady mix of different kinds of head gears and weird hairstyles for his beach baroque set of clothes. When his show started all of a sudden it was splash of colours. According to him the bottomline of the international fashion is that it should be no longer boring, Manish was speaking to a news agency about his collection.

This was his fifth season at fashion's biggest trade event - the Paris Fashion Week, and his ninth international showcase - Paris (five shows) and London (four shows). His collection was also supported by Swarovski which is described by the designer as "mute, metallic, crystalline and European with wide and stiff shoulders resembling Greek armour-plates and military epaulettes".

What's in the collection - glamorous evening ensembles futuristic gowns reminiscent of Star War series, the hips of the dresses were padded for additional contours and stiff look, sheer pants and tops with sequins,outfits embroidered with crystals, beads, fine metal sheaths, applique needlework and long Victorian trains along the assymetrical hemlines, trailing into metres of sheer organza, crepe, nets, cotton-satins, silk and georgettes on the floor.

Not to miss out Manish's signature shoes, metallic pumps, bangles, and head gears in the shape a motor car. Paris Fashion Week was taken aback!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fashion Season

Every girl wants to be called a stylish girl, even though every ones opinion about fashion is different. In other words, being fashionable is a very personal matter. Of course people usually have some common sense about the good fashion taste and bad fashion taste. However, most of the time, fashion is almost unreasonable or creative. Fashionable goods designers keep trying something new and different in order to be ahead of the ordinary chasers. Thus, fresh and unique is the common terms to describe the fashion trend nowadays.
By talking so much about the changing of the vogue field, I am actually not going to have a further discussion about the instability of this field. On the contrary, I am about to talk the stable part of the fashion world, which is very rare, thus it is very precious. Among all the fashionable consumer goods, there are several things that wont be out of date ever and one of them is the leather bag, which is also the main character today.
If you have paid enough attention to the new changes of the fashion world, you may find out that the leather bags have appeared in various kinds of fashion shows frequently, such as LV and Chanle have had some new types of leather bags to sell. And even some online shops, for example the, have also presented plenty of new types of leather bags. Gradually, the leather bag has become the star of the winter fashion this year. Actually, not only this year, the leather bag is the frequent star at the vogue list.
It is quite obvious that the leather bag has several advantages. It is very wearable for example. One of my friends uses the same leather bag for several years. And because of the professional maintenance and its own good quality, her leather bag looks still new and classical. Apart from its durability, the leather bag is also famous for its elegant characteristic. Many people are quite confused about this point, how could the leather bag be elegant? See it yourself, have you ever noticed that those elegant women, movie stars or successful career women would choose the leather bag. No one can explain this. I guess just like the precious stones, the leather bag is born to be noble.
No more compliments. You are able to see the advantages of the leather bag yourself. This is the fashion season for the leather bag again and buy yourself one leather bag.