Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hermes Birkin Your Fashion Dream

If you are a fashionable woman, you must know Hermes birkin. And what is attraction of Hermes birkin? Seeing Hollywood superstars, you will know how famous Hermes birkin is. They all at least own one, and some have many. But in the fact, not every woman can use bag correctly when they match the clothing or take part in some occasion.

Don't you think that bag is just a common decoration in your daily live. Well, in fact, in various occasions, how to choose an appropriate bag, and how the bag can reflect a person's temperament is very important. Today I will share some of the usual precautions with the bags and how to choose a good texture bag.

Bags should not only coordinate to the color of clothes but also coordinate to the style of your clothes. You must take them into account. Some girls like to carry shopping bags on the street, but you know, carrying shopping bag will not make you look so beautiful and fashion.
What to wear and how to choose a bag to match, there is no absolute requirement, but there are some principles to follow to make your bag and clothing mutually complementary. For example, wearing jeans, coupled with a loose linen T-shirt, we might choose a big bag. No matter you go shopping, or hiking, it all seemed very good. But dressed in beautiful fashion clothes to meeting friends, or going to a formal occasion, you need to use the bag with the same color to your clothes, so it can have the right effect.

Please note that no fashion women would go out without a bag. If it is a handbag, do not select too big and do not choose the complex style. Some women will pay attention to the colors that whether their handbags match their shoes. In the most casual occasions when wearing professional, you do not need to match briefcase, if you need carry the documents or other things, you can carry on a small female briefcase or other style bags that can regard as a briefcase. When choose the texture, you can choose leather, hemp blends, well-made fabrics and so on. But to the straw bag and canvas bag, you can use them when you go shopping or have a picnic. But if used at work, it seems not serious.

Now look at Hermes birkin, there are many kinds of bags you can choose, not only superstar can have, you can have too. No matter in a party or in a formal occasion, it is your best choice. So, take your time to show your unique personality. Hermes birkin absolutely can make your fashion dream come true.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Collection Of Handbags, The Most Fashionable Hands Bags In This Week

The first one is the mosaic tapestry satin dinner Handbag BVLGARI This BVLGARI which is with mosaic brocade for dinner describes the word [resplendent with jewels" fully. Keep an Eye on the Brand Which Rank First : cricket equipment The rich lady style with elegance which using precious stones spells. This Year, People all Pick field hockey sticks

The second is a gray hollow ribbon handbag of Jimmy Choo brand. This style is mature and elegant, it is not proper for young girls. Some old lady will look good with the handbag. The bag uses the classic gray and you can take with it for anywhere. The design of hollow also add a fashionable design elements to the handbag,makes it not only generous but also fashionable.

The third is a Mature favorite --- Lady Dior handbag red.

Every time I see Lady Dior, I think of a woman who is Princess Diana with her story. The present of Lady Dior wins the love of Princess Diana. She usually takes it in different parties. This red handbag`s style is capable and experienced, color passion for winter use, highlighting the woman`s elegant temperament.

The fourth is the fold medium dumplings handbag of Dior with the most historical comments. Calfskin texture,gold medial polished hardware, double -wrapped leather shoulder strap, thin leather strap hungs such as pendant printed the word of DIOR

The fifth is the popularity new-Judith Leiber princess handbag Compact rectangle crystal array is just like attractive chocolate shapeThe perfect triangular section Austria crystal reflect gorgeous light.It is a fansty thing for every young lady.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Superstars Gather at London, New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks

Superstars sitting at front rows during the 2011 Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Milan and Paris this fall include Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Lily Allen, Blake Lively, and Kanye West.


Olivia Palermo and Vanessa Hudgens

American actress cum singer Vanessa Hudgens a Tibi shirt and blazer sits front row with Olivia Palermo, Tibi’s current campaign star, at the Tibi Fall 2011 show. Palermo wears a skirt and top from the designer. “I love Tibi because it's just super cute, super fun, really awesome girly pieces that are good statement pieces.” Hudgens said.


Olivia Palermo and Vanessa Hudgens attend the Tibi Fall 2011 show


Emma Stone

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” star Emma Stone made her first Fashion Week appearance as she attends Louis Vuitton’s fall 2011 runway show in a printed wrap dress from the line


Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis

Hollywood stars Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence arrive for Miu Miu’s fall 2011 runway show, where they wear the label’s outfits


Emma Roberts

American actress and model in a Chanel baby blue minidress attends Chanel’s fall 2011 runway show


Alexa Chung and Lily Allen

TV presenter Alexa Chung and recording artist Lily Allen sit at the front row at Chanel’s fall 2011 runway show, both wearing Chanel designs


Nicole Richie and Florence Welch

The two stars sit next in Givenchy’s front row, both wearing the label’s outfits


Blake Lively

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively, the new face of Chanel Mademoiselle handbags, celebrates her new gig at a dinner in Paris


Kanye West

“Watch the Throne” star Kanye West attends Balmain’s fall 2011 runway show in the label’s red jacket


Kirsten Dunst

The American actress and model attends the Mulberry show in London, carrying a Mulberry bag


Taylor Swift and Rachel Bilson

Award-winning singer Taylor Swift and American actress Rachel Bilson fills the front row at Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2011 show at Milan Fashion Week


Best of London Fashion Week 2011


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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Antique Beds Vs Fashionable Beds

As a consequence of box spring queen and king sized mattresses getting used for beds today; antique beds are almost never produced. Lots of people search for common queen and king sized bedding and often even the aged normal that is a complete or even a double sized one particular.

Numerous many years in the past the dimension of your beds didn't have a lot relevance since the standard height on the beds was a lot shorter than what we have now now. The mattresses have been home-made plus the beds could possibly be of any dimension, like feather beds. Feather beds are now considered as luxury goods rather than utilized in daily existence.

Made bedding came into existence throughout the 1890's and also the ordinary complete dimension bed measured 72"X52". Persons dealing in antiques referred to them as 3 quarter sized beds, although they diverse lots in dimension. This difficulty grew to become even obtained difficult when European beds came onto the market place which and have been created with fully unique dimensions.

The primary problem is tips on how to convert the antique bed right into a modern bed without having damaging the look and proportions in the preliminary bed.

Conversions happen to be taking place for a lot of a long time as well as materials which are utilised are simple brown steel rails for all sizes of beds that incorporate complete, queen or king sizes. The steel rails are connected for the headboard with bolts and often a tough board of wood is placed to get bolts placed securely to the rails. A rugged steel plate is fitted with welded bolts on the foot-board which can be carried out in the direction of the internal a part of it so that you can conceal the joints and bolts. The beds are then created by bolting the bolts and nuts at every corner from the beds.

These beds is often returned to their unique sizes through the use of the authentic rails and every one of the fittings may be eliminated very easily without the need of any damages.

The motive men and women nowadays are converting their outdated bed frames to modern-day bedding is as a result of thickness of mattresses that is as well thick and lots of bedding shops are marketing these thick and pillow major mattresses. These cover many of the gorgeous heads of your antique beds and may be tall as well. In circumstance you'd wish to purchase a fresh mattress for the bed, it really is perfect to measure the duration from your steel rails to your top rated which can be sought after as per personalized needs to find out the thickness from the new mattress.