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Fashion Confidence Made Easy

Looking good and feeling confident does not have to be a difficult task, even for women who do it all. Modern women spend their days juggling life's daily necessities, which can result in back-to-back meetings and lunches on the run. Jane Buckingham, trend expert, author and host of Style Network's "Modern Girl's Guide to Life," knows that being a successful modern woman requires having a few tricks up her sleeve--especially when it comes to getting dressed.

"Balancing work, family and play leaves no time for today's modern woman to deal with clothing worries, such as choosing the right look for any occasion, avoiding embarrassing situations and taking care of cherished pieces," says Buckingham.

Buckingham suggests these stylishly smart and practical tips to help busy women avoid wardrobe blunders and feel confident every day in the modern world:

Invest in a Classic Wardrobe

• Rather than rushing to the mall an hour before a date to find the "perfect thing" to wear, cultivate a great collection of clothes in advance by having a few key classic pieces that mix and match well.

• Invest in a few high-quality T-shirts that go under everything from blazers to sweaters; try a few daring color choices to make a neutral wardrobe pop.

• Since more than one out of five women (22 percent) have ruined a favorite top because of unsightly white marks, Buckingham recommends protecting a great wardrobe by using Dove Ultimate Clear Anti-Perspirant/ Deodorant, which stays on skin and not on clothes.

For proof, turn shirts inside out to discover the beauty of alleviating white marks.

Say "I Do" to Smart

Wedding Style

• Wedding attire can be a complicated matter, and not just for the wedding party. If a particular dress code has not been requested on the invitation, a basic guideline for daytime weddings is to wear a light-colored dress.

• When dressing for an evening wedding, err on the side of sophistication. Choose a cocktail dress that is elegant and skims the knees in an A-line cut.

• Even though a flirty, strapless frock is the perfect garb for a wedding, one out of five women (20 percent) opt not to wear sleeveless tops altogether to avoid white marks. Apply a deodorant with translucent moisturizers, which form a barrier between skin and clothes to put the mind at ease.

Distinguish Yourself

In Business

• Dressing for success at a new job can be a daunting task. The trick is to look stylish and confident without being distracting. Instead of a full suit, pair suit trousers with a striped button-down shirt or classic wool wrap.

• Steer clear of ruffles and sweet-looking prints in order to avoid giving the impression of being a shrinking violet rather than a bold risk taker.

• Since more than half of women (51 percent) were at work by the time they realized that they had deodorant marks on their clothing, Buckingham also suggests using Dove Ultimate Clear to ensure confidence when conversing with a boss or colleague.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fashion Week Begins! How to Start a Career in Fashion

For all you fashionistas out there, this is the week you've long been waiting for. New York Fashion week kicked off on September 9 at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park, with the entire fashion world holding its breath to see what clothes we'll be wearing in Spring 2011.

The final products you'll see over the next few days are the result of months of hard work and collaboration between a variety of players in the fashion industry. From the designers who make the clothes, to the models who wear them, to the stylists who use them for celebrity clients, everyone has a role in bringing the newest styles to the public eye.

If one of these jobs sounds like your dream career, now might be the time to consider a career in fashion. Whether you're watching coverage of the shows online, or you're lucky enough to be attending, there are a variety of careers you can consider as you watch the latest looks roll down the runway.

It all starts here . . .
Fashion Designer Careers

Days, weeks and months before Fashion Week begins, fashion designers begin sketching, planning, and designing clothes for upcoming seasons. With an extensive knowledge of fashion history, designers combine past trends, beautiful fabrics, and their vision of the future to create wearable works of art. The clothes they display on the runway eventually influence what we wear to work, to school, and even to the beach.

On the runway . . .
Modeling Careers

It's not enough for clothes to look beautiful on the rack—NY Fashion Show attendees need to see how clothes move, hang and appear when they're worn by real live human beings.

That's where fashion models come in. Although their jobs might appear easy on the outside, professional models have to cultivate their look, walk and attitude to help designers showcase their creations and make them appealing to stylists, editors, and merchandisers.

In the audience . . .
Fashion Stylist Careers

At Fashion Week, celebrities, style editors, and fashion stylists alike are in the audience to preview next season's looks and trends. Attendance is extremely important for anyone in the styling world, as it gives them a chance to scout outfits for their clients, network with designers and other fashion insiders, and stay up-to-date on the hottest new designs.

From the runway to your closet . . .
Fashion Buyer & Merchandising Careers

As the hottest new looks are unveiled, fashion buyers and merchandisers get to work, deciding which designs and styles are right for their customers. Whether they work in large department stores or small, exclusive boutiques, fashion buyers and merchandisers are in charge of monitoring and predicting trends, deciding how much merchandise to order, and keeping an eye out for hot new items.

Ready to get started?
In addition to a passion for fashion, all of the careers listed above require an extensive knowledge of design principles, fabric and textiles, and fashion history. A fashion design degree can be a great place to start.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dita Von Teese in Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is one important event of the world fashion industry. It often attracts many famous fashion brands, models and designers. Attending this event is the pride of anyone. Paris Fashion Week in recent years has witnessed the appearance of a beautiful lady – Dita Von Teese.

This year, she made the rounds at Paris Fashion Week 2010, not only was she at the Vogue party earlier this week but also front row at some of the hottest shows.

Dita Von Teese (born September 28, 1972) is an American burlesque artist, model and actress. She’s always had a strong love for fashion. Von Teese has appeared on a number of best-dressed lists and frequents the front row of fashion shows, particularly Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs - labels she is often seen wearing.


Dita Von Teese posed as she attended Elie Saab fashion show during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2009 on January 28, 2009 in Paris, France


Dita Von Teese and Louis-Marie de Castelbajac attend the John Galliano Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week at Opera Comique on October 3, 2010 in Paris, France


Sidney Toledano and Dita Von Teese attended the John Galliano Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week at Opera Comique on October 3, 2010 in Paris, France


Dita Von Teese arrived at the Jean-Paul Gaultier Show during the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011


She appeared in her sexy black dress


Dita Von Teese arrived at the Sonia Rykiel Show during the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011


She often creates her own fashion style


Dita Von Teese arrived for the Lanvin ready-to-wear fashion show


She attracted attentions everywhere she came



She attended the Vogue 90th Anniversary Party during the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011



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Fashion Coloured Contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses have, in fact, phenomenally revolutionized the world of fashion. Nowadays, contacts are not only used for the purpose of rectifying vision but also as a fashion statement. Today, they have become an integral component of our style paraphernalia, the fashion mantra of the social glitterati and the quintessential style statement of the X-generation.  Coloured contacts are available in a broad array of colours and in various colour tones such as green, blue, mauve etc. Before you decide on wearing colored contacts, please do consult an eye specialist who can recommend the best coloured contacts for your eyes as well as educate you on how to use coloured contacts.

Basically, there are three kinds of tints that are added to contact lenses. A "Visibility" tint does not change the colour of your eyes, but makes spotting your lens an easier job if you drop it or it pops out of your eye.

An "Enhancement" tint simply intensifies light-coloured eyes and does not completely transform your eye colour. Contact lenses which have a "Colour" tint are mostly opaque and can invariably transform even the darkest of eyes in to significantly lighter shades. There are coloured contacts that could be worn on a daily basis for around a year and some which can only be used for a day or a week. Coloured contact lenses called ‘theatrical contact lenses' act as excellent special effects tool in films, on TV and for Halloween and costume parties. For example, if you wish to transform yourself in to a blood-sucking vampire or a flesh-eating monster, you can wear reptilian or blood-red contact lenses!

Few tips to remember:

Never wear contact lenses longer than prescribed by the eye specialist.
Maintain proper hygiene while handling your contact lenses.
Follow all the necessary instructions when handling contact lenses.
Ensure that your contact lens case is always properly cleaned.
If a lens causes irritation even after it has been sufficiently cleaned, it is possible that the lens could be ripped. Therefore, you should not try to put it back as it could considerably damage the eyes.


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Hermes Birkin Your Fashion Dream

If you are a fashionable woman, you must know Hermes birkin. And what is attraction of Hermes birkin? Seeing Hollywood superstars, you will know how famous Hermes birkin is. They all at least own one, and some have many. But in the fact, not every woman can use bag correctly when they match the clothing or take part in some occasion.

Don't you think that bag is just a common decoration in your daily live. Well, in fact, in various occasions, how to choose an appropriate bag, and how the bag can reflect a person's temperament is very important. Today I will share some of the usual precautions with the bags and how to choose a good texture bag.

Bags should not only coordinate to the color of clothes but also coordinate to the style of your clothes. You must take them into account. Some girls like to carry shopping bags on the street, but you know, carrying shopping bag will not make you look so beautiful and fashion.
What to wear and how to choose a bag to match, there is no absolute requirement, but there are some principles to follow to make your bag and clothing mutually complementary. For example, wearing jeans, coupled with a loose linen T-shirt, we might choose a big bag. No matter you go shopping, or hiking, it all seemed very good. But dressed in beautiful fashion clothes to meeting friends, or going to a formal occasion, you need to use the bag with the same color to your clothes, so it can have the right effect.

Please note that no fashion women would go out without a bag. If it is a handbag, do not select too big and do not choose the complex style. Some women will pay attention to the colors that whether their handbags match their shoes. In the most casual occasions when wearing professional, you do not need to match briefcase, if you need carry the documents or other things, you can carry on a small female briefcase or other style bags that can regard as a briefcase. When choose the texture, you can choose leather, hemp blends, well-made fabrics and so on. But to the straw bag and canvas bag, you can use them when you go shopping or have a picnic. But if used at work, it seems not serious.

Now look at Hermes birkin, there are many kinds of bags you can choose, not only superstar can have, you can have too. No matter in a party or in a formal occasion, it is your best choice. So, take your time to show your unique personality. Hermes birkin absolutely can make your fashion dream come true.

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The Collection Of Handbags, The Most Fashionable Hands Bags In This Week

The first one is the mosaic tapestry satin dinner Handbag BVLGARI This BVLGARI which is with mosaic brocade for dinner describes the word [resplendent with jewels" fully. Keep an Eye on the Brand Which Rank First : cricket equipment The rich lady style with elegance which using precious stones spells. This Year, People all Pick field hockey sticks

The second is a gray hollow ribbon handbag of Jimmy Choo brand. This style is mature and elegant, it is not proper for young girls. Some old lady will look good with the handbag. The bag uses the classic gray and you can take with it for anywhere. The design of hollow also add a fashionable design elements to the handbag,makes it not only generous but also fashionable.

The third is a Mature favorite --- Lady Dior handbag red.

Every time I see Lady Dior, I think of a woman who is Princess Diana with her story. The present of Lady Dior wins the love of Princess Diana. She usually takes it in different parties. This red handbag`s style is capable and experienced, color passion for winter use, highlighting the woman`s elegant temperament.

The fourth is the fold medium dumplings handbag of Dior with the most historical comments. Calfskin texture,gold medial polished hardware, double -wrapped leather shoulder strap, thin leather strap hungs such as pendant printed the word of DIOR

The fifth is the popularity new-Judith Leiber princess handbag Compact rectangle crystal array is just like attractive chocolate shapeThe perfect triangular section Austria crystal reflect gorgeous light.It is a fansty thing for every young lady.

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Superstars Gather at London, New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks

Superstars sitting at front rows during the 2011 Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Milan and Paris this fall include Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Lily Allen, Blake Lively, and Kanye West.


Olivia Palermo and Vanessa Hudgens

American actress cum singer Vanessa Hudgens a Tibi shirt and blazer sits front row with Olivia Palermo, Tibi’s current campaign star, at the Tibi Fall 2011 show. Palermo wears a skirt and top from the designer. “I love Tibi because it's just super cute, super fun, really awesome girly pieces that are good statement pieces.” Hudgens said.


Olivia Palermo and Vanessa Hudgens attend the Tibi Fall 2011 show


Emma Stone

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” star Emma Stone made her first Fashion Week appearance as she attends Louis Vuitton’s fall 2011 runway show in a printed wrap dress from the line


Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis

Hollywood stars Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence arrive for Miu Miu’s fall 2011 runway show, where they wear the label’s outfits


Emma Roberts

American actress and model in a Chanel baby blue minidress attends Chanel’s fall 2011 runway show


Alexa Chung and Lily Allen

TV presenter Alexa Chung and recording artist Lily Allen sit at the front row at Chanel’s fall 2011 runway show, both wearing Chanel designs


Nicole Richie and Florence Welch

The two stars sit next in Givenchy’s front row, both wearing the label’s outfits


Blake Lively

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively, the new face of Chanel Mademoiselle handbags, celebrates her new gig at a dinner in Paris


Kanye West

“Watch the Throne” star Kanye West attends Balmain’s fall 2011 runway show in the label’s red jacket


Kirsten Dunst

The American actress and model attends the Mulberry show in London, carrying a Mulberry bag


Taylor Swift and Rachel Bilson

Award-winning singer Taylor Swift and American actress Rachel Bilson fills the front row at Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2011 show at Milan Fashion Week


Best of London Fashion Week 2011


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Antique Beds Vs Fashionable Beds

As a consequence of box spring queen and king sized mattresses getting used for beds today; antique beds are almost never produced. Lots of people search for common queen and king sized bedding and often even the aged normal that is a complete or even a double sized one particular.

Numerous many years in the past the dimension of your beds didn't have a lot relevance since the standard height on the beds was a lot shorter than what we have now now. The mattresses have been home-made plus the beds could possibly be of any dimension, like feather beds. Feather beds are now considered as luxury goods rather than utilized in daily existence.

Made bedding came into existence throughout the 1890's and also the ordinary complete dimension bed measured 72"X52". Persons dealing in antiques referred to them as 3 quarter sized beds, although they diverse lots in dimension. This difficulty grew to become even obtained difficult when European beds came onto the market place which and have been created with fully unique dimensions.

The primary problem is tips on how to convert the antique bed right into a modern bed without having damaging the look and proportions in the preliminary bed.

Conversions happen to be taking place for a lot of a long time as well as materials which are utilised are simple brown steel rails for all sizes of beds that incorporate complete, queen or king sizes. The steel rails are connected for the headboard with bolts and often a tough board of wood is placed to get bolts placed securely to the rails. A rugged steel plate is fitted with welded bolts on the foot-board which can be carried out in the direction of the internal a part of it so that you can conceal the joints and bolts. The beds are then created by bolting the bolts and nuts at every corner from the beds.

These beds is often returned to their unique sizes through the use of the authentic rails and every one of the fittings may be eliminated very easily without the need of any damages.

The motive men and women nowadays are converting their outdated bed frames to modern-day bedding is as a result of thickness of mattresses that is as well thick and lots of bedding shops are marketing these thick and pillow major mattresses. These cover many of the gorgeous heads of your antique beds and may be tall as well. In circumstance you'd wish to purchase a fresh mattress for the bed, it really is perfect to measure the duration from your steel rails to your top rated which can be sought after as per personalized needs to find out the thickness from the new mattress.

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Best Wedding Gowns at Milan Fashion Week 2010

Milan Fashion Week 2010, among the greatest fashion event was held in Milan, Italy on Thursday, September 25, 2010. Milan Fashion Week 2010 is one of the most important fashion weeks taken place in the four fashion capitals of the world including New York City, London, Milan and Paris. Milan Fashion Week is a fashion event allowing fashion designers, brands or fashion houses to introduce their latest editions in runway shows. Particularly, Milan Fashion Week 2010 enables designers, brands or fashion houses to get to know the in-and-out of vogue for the season. Among the variety of fashion designs, wedding gowns were shown off with lots of impressive editions. As to be known that a wedding gown is worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style of the wedding gown can depend on the culture, religion, seasons, fashion and bride’s personal style. The wedding dress editions during the Milan Fashion Week 2010 is mainly white in color. Let\'s have a look at the following most stunning wedding gowns presented during the Milan Fashion Week 2010.


Because of white as major color, Armani showed off fairy-style dresses looking really light, weightless and sparkling


Such a stunning wedding gown helps you shine at the wedding ceremony thanks to modern styles


The impressive Dolce & Gabbana wedding gowns are attached with flowers. Both short and long wedding dresses are covered with white flowers


Blumarine’s design is another Spring/Summer choice looking sweet on the beach with jewelled sandals and flowers in the hair


Such original wedding dresses in Milan Fashion Week collection designed by Roberto Cavalli are covered anemone-like vignettes


The short white dress of Luisa Beccaria has become the hot fashion trend in the wedding season. The nice dress is embroidered with light beads suiting young brides


Another designs of Luisa Beccaria are wedding dresses printed with pink embroidery and beads or metallic low-necked gown with wide belt


Traditional style is inspired in Valentin Yudashkin’s designs. Embroidered with flowers, the traditional wedding dresses look so light and romantic. Such Greek style wedding dresses are suitable for brides at all ages


One-shoulder wedding gowns have become the favorable choice for many young brides in the modern life. Such silver and satin wedding gowns help brides to be more highlighted in front of the cameras



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Fashion style is very important in daily life

With the popularity of steps, more and more people like to become fashion, no except the kids. Many fashion brands begin to produce the kids' fashion products to demonstrate their charm. If you want to get your kids become fashion, follow me, come to the online stores moncler.

Fashion style is very important in daily life. People go out to buy clothes, shoes and so on, they are not just think about the quality or brand. Moncler clothing is one of famous brands which with fashion and other aspects. Moncler jackets are a good way to keep your fashion feeling alive.

As we all know ,moncler jackets is a famous brand and leading the fashion of winter style! Moncler jackets have gained popularity amongst today's leading names since it has the most appreciated stylish garments to offer to the masses that have become loyal customers.

The mass following that Moncler has now is because of its role as the presenter of good quality and fashion.

Removable drawstring hood with light brown lining and ribbon trim. Often used to make non-woven, woven and knitted textiles, the shape and size are able to be manipulated to obtain certain softness, durability and water repellency, making these jackets suitable for even winter or rainy days. shell and lining: 100% nylon. fill: 100% down, yeah, that is moncler womens down jackets. Women care much of fashion, sometimes, fashion is the world of some women.

For men, Moncler designs perfectly simple fashion down jackets. Collecting all the European fashion elements, moncler men are modern and elegant.

Handsome, simple and vigorous. It is Moncler. Tradition, reserved and exquisite. It is Moncler. Strong, bright and charming. It is Moncler. When you wear warm and stylish Moncler coats, you can't help falling in love with confidence and personality that Moncler jackets bring to you!

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London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

Winter is nearly upon us so our thoughts turn to spring/summer as LFW SS11 begins. Even the weather warmed to the event as it went from crisp chilly days to end with blazing hot sunshine.

Early on Day one and opening the show at the BFC marquee catwalk was Paul Costelloe. Still sleepy, frantic shouting backstage put a smile on our bleary eyed faces.



Titled ‘A Long Day's Night', the collection is girly and described as ‘Tinkerbell turned party girl'. Cropped biker jackets are thrown in to give a harder edge but are softened with the use of lighter colours and soft sheen fabrics.

Skirt lengths go to the extremes - either short or maxis. The short skirts are fun and flirty whilst the maxis are elegant and ethereal – one a sensual diaphanous fabric with modesty only prevailing through the pale pink and blue zigzag wave pattern.

Colours are sugar pink, mint green, silver, pearl, greys and navy.

The pinks formed abstract checks with navy and white, lightly spice up graphic patterns with pale apricot, zigzagged with pale blue in waves and graduated alone from light to a bolder hue. The mint green was refreshing in a shiny jacquard fabric.

Textures come in metallic weaves and twill, patterns in abstract checks and graphics. Large bows don the back of low backlines.

The short skirts swirled in skater style, cocooned legs in tulip and puff ball shapes and looked art deco in a dropped waist pleated style. The more interesting were the silver embossed puff ball dress tied at the bottom to form the shape of a large bow and the jacquard mint green dress looking futuristic with its stiff 3 tiered skirt.

To keep the smile on our faces, we were treated to Costelloe's six sons strutting down the catwalk (albeit nervously) suited and booted.



Kicking off the Vauxhall Fashion Scout at Freemasons Hall Covent Garden was Bunmi Koko. To celebrate the start of the show a lone Ekpe man danced in a bright red and yellow masquerade costume looking very much like a large pom pom.  It was hard to visualise the collection usurping this, but amazingly it did.

Hear we saw no pretty summer pastels or girlie styles. Colours were bold monochrome, bright reds and burnt ochre. Prints are Ekpe, leopard and tie dye designed to create fiery flames. The style epitomises the confident feminine woman who knows what she wants and aims to get it.  Titled ‘Matriarchy' the collection celebrates female empowerment whilst fusing cultures of Nigeria and the UK. This is power dressing with a wild twist – sharp tailoring, enhanced waists, and strong shoulders embellished with pom poms, beads and fringing. An eclectic mixture of fabrics and patterns are used together such as tweeds, organza and silk – all accessorised with ornate feathered masks.



There was a mixed reaction to this sleek ladylike lux inspired collection as you instantly thought ‘mother of the bride' due to the lengths of the skirts which are either on the knee or just below, plus the accessories of hats, long gloves and kitten heels .

For day wear there are sleeveless dresses in brightly coloured 50's print floral silk, polka dots and animal prints. Suits have full or pencil skirts and boxy jackets in white, black and yellow. All cinched in with skinny leather belts of various colours.  Black Capri pants and leggings give a more youthful feel worn with tunic shirts in a monochrome check and a leopard print. Although not sure on the skull caps which looked suspiciously like rubber swimming hats.

For the evening, dress shapes vary from the shift dress to the full volume skirt. Colours are of soft golds, pearls, reds and black. LBDs are accessorised with diamond and pearls. Lots of sequins and beads.

This collection probably wouldn't appeal to the younger woman but then again it is right on track for Ascot, Goodwood and Henley's where fashion rules are not to be broken if you want to get in.



The designer duo's (Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis) collection titled ‘Bandoliers' is inspired by the spirit of India with a touch of 19th Century Victorian British colonialism.

Silk turbans adorned the models' heads, handcrafted Indian trim embellished flowing fabrics and skinny pants whilst fabric versions of the bandoliers feature as low slung belts, cuffs, necklines and garters.

Denim creates contrasting structure in shorts, jackets and dresses. Colours are either block pastel hues of iris blue and dusty violet pink or raw ecru. The raw ecru splashed with hand painted colour was inspired by the Holi festival when coloured pigment and herbs are thrown in a joyful celebration.

Stiletto platform shoes were adorned with raw painted gold leaf, as was the model's arms, ankles, stomachs and even one nipple.

The Victorian influence came in the disguise of a corseted iris blue mini dress with soft side bustle and a mini dress version of the cage crinoline.


Day 2 and another early morning start on a chilly day. This time at the Off schedule location of the edgier Old Sorting Office's industrial hall in new Oxford Street



Titled ‘A Modern Romance'  Chandran keeps pastel hues to a minimum preferring the richer tones of golds, greens, silver and black.  His clean rectangular silhouettes are given texture through the use of a Malay technique called kerrawang, to create linear prints. Silk organza sleeveless tunic dresses show a military feel with oversized floating flap pockets and boxed sleeves, whilst the prints reflect the Malaysian rainforest.

Metallics bring fluidity and a sci-fi feel with liquid silver pieces and as multicoloured panels on dresses. Here we still see the floating pockets and the boxed sleeves become more exaggerated. New fabrics used are lurex silk and patent leather.

Evening wear in the guise of embellished structured lapels, one with an extremely low neckline which kept falling off the models shoulder, with the last outfit resembling the 1920's with its long straight camel maxi and ostrich feathers capelet.

Unfortunately for one model the winged styled shoes with their high and extremely thin killer heels almost made her crash land.



‘Siren Mermaids' inspired by Sirens of Greek mythology and the fantasy world of mermaids. Using cutting edge materials such as Japanese Kyototex metallic yarns in his knitwear techniques, Lawrence enables the garments to glisten as if wet.  Colours are peacock green, silver and white. Long tube maxi dresses cling to the models like mermaid tails with the two toned greens and silver creating the illusion of fish scales. The garments are also turned inside out to show web like textures and chain mail detailing which adds to the illusion. A white strapless tube maxi is adorned with loose long yarns like floating seaweed, whilst an empire line maxi is covered with feather-like yarns to represent sea foam.  Very mystical.



Next stop was Freemason's Hall to catch Lako Bukia's show. Titled ‘Surati', the collection has been dedicated to Georgian culture and religion, Bukia's native country. Colour palette of soft blues, pinks, greys and natural tones were taken from the Georgian buildings although red, midnight blue and black were also included. And strong shoulders souring out and upwards representing the silhouettes.

Light fabrics of silk satin, crepe and cotton contrasted well with the angular structured shoulders. Whilst a top layer of organza, georgette and chiffon are used to create the illusion of looking outwards through the curtains of windows. Dress shapes keep the buildings rectangular silhouette by either falling straight from the neckline or with drop waists. Whilst rows of windows are represented through the placement of strips of fabric crossing over each other, and the cutaway necklines.

The models wore shoes designed by Bukia with what is becoming to be her signature heel - chunky and triangular.




Back in the big tent at Somerset House, Osman proved to be in demand with some unlucky ticket holders being turned away.

Staple colours are tans, beiges and navy with a refreshing splash of honeysuckle pink, zingy yellow, and apple green.

Woven and soft patent leathers come in creamy beige sculpted shorts, swing skirts, and bandeau tunics. Cotton blended ottomans appear as crisp summer white dresses; lightweight gossamer silks come to life in the vivid hues and the organic dark blue denim brings an edge to sculpted tailored dresses

Hemlines bring interest to the minimalist tailoring with asymmetry, softly folded tiers, extremely long tail coats and attached coloured drapes of longer length.


Evening and just time enough to squeeze in another catwalk show before the Phrophetik after show party. This time the location was the Charing Cross hotel and the show called ‘A la Mode' was organised by La Genève North events. A LA MODE is a one stop destination to snap up and discover some of the best independent international designers.

OMAR MANSOOR‘s collection is named after Terence Rattigan's ‘After the Dance' – a play whose central characters have spent years in a round of endless hedonism in the 20s. Mansoor's designs reflect the glamour of this era with embellishments of Swarovskis and thread work on draped chiffons and silks in silver grey, dusty pink, wine and midnight blue. The long gowns ooze elegance and sophistication, whilst the knee length floaty cocktail dresses have a flirtier look allowing you to dance the night away.

VALERY KOVALSKA's collection ‘Professional Suicide' includes both mens and womenswear and has a contemporary punk rock edge.  Various shades of blues with a striking design of white lightening. Weave designs on shirts and waistcoats add texture and loving the men's kilt style coat.

BELINDA LIU's ‘Marquis de Sade' collection takes its inspiration from the French aristocrat's libertine lifestyle and the fashion of his era. Here we see the modern version of the full bloomers over mini puffed skirts, corset style bodices, matching cuff bracelets and romantic lace hooded capelets. More wearable pieces include the tailored knee length dresses with matching capelets.

ZED-EYE . An eclectic mix of patterns and textures. Feathers adorn shoulders and waists, ruffles necklines and peplums, and a mesh of pearl beads around the neck. Floral patterned pencil skirt is matched with a striped blouse. Not all pieces are busy, such as the elegant jumpsuits in bold block colours of pink and blue with a touch of patterned trim.

MALAM's ‘Lost Dolls' collection is cute with a little edge - an assortment of lace, cotton, linen and silk.  Black lace dress is adorned with a 2 tone metallic pink cowl neck collar and fingerless gloves, and there's a pantomime feel with principal boy style waist coats worn over girlie lace trimmed dresses and fairy wizard type pointed hoods.

KATE WILLIAMS's otherwise colour palette of black and white sees touches of tans, aquas and yellows in digital prints. The collection is a capsule wardrobe ranging from the black and white striped bikinis for the beach, tufted tasselled high waist shorts, jacquard trousers, white full skirted day dress, and digital printed jersey dresses to the floor length pearl satin evening dress.


Day 3 and back to Somerset House



The designer duo's, Bruno Basso & Christopher Brooke, collection is where' bleeding edge techno-fusion meets dusty hand scribbled antiquity'.

Digital prints of handwritten notes by Da Vinci, Tolstoy, Balzac and others mix with vintage florals and topography.  Prints of suede, tweed and leather add digital texture to the smoother silks, cotton and gabardine.

Prim and proper necklines juxtapose with short flirty skirt lengths – long sleeved shirts buttoned to the top were worn with short swing skater skirts and mini shift dresses wore their necklines high.

Black and white multi tonal graduating stripes look striking as peg leg pants and capes. The neutral colour palette of earthy tones and pale dusty pastels is giving a jolt with electric blues and bright oranges joining the prints either as panels or the main piece.



After rushing to get to the Portico Rooms we then could relax and enjoy the slower paced salon show of Ann-Sofie Back.  The theme for the collection is porn and the sexualisation of society.

Not being at all seedy the colour palette is sophisticated black and white.  The look is simplistic with added twists: One fascinating white dress has the appearance of being damp and clung to the model's body. Detailing is seen as twisted plexi bras worn over simple tops, large silver rings framing cutaway circles on backs and tear drop jewellery weights securing the drape fabrics.



It was a touch of the Emperor's New Clothes – did the models realise they were naked bar pink platform boots, wig and a hat? Apparently the effect was to focus on the wig and the hat – not sure it worked. I think part of the audience either concentrated on the boots with down cast eyes and the rest didn't look up as far as the models head.

Not all the models were naked; most were decently covered in leopard prints or yeti like fur.

See it didn't work, I haven't once commented on the wigs.



Day 4 and at last, time to look around the exhibition. Here are some highlights:


Tamara Fogle makes bags out of antique textile such as German flour sacks, Hungarian grain sacks, military tents, sailcloth, Welsh blankets and French mattress ticking. The German flour sacks (date range 1830-1940's) are trimmed in chocolate brown Italian leather. The writing which is different on every sack (and so makes each bag unique) states the farmer's name.

This season new colours of oranges and teals give a contemporary twist.


Leju use a special Amazonian seed known as vegetable ivory as a sustainable alternative to elephant ivory. Rich colours are created by staining and dying the seed with natural plant extract and oils. Their new collection brings together intense colours and bold structure threaded together using leather, hemp, wax thread, stainless steel and copper wire. Great to adorn your plain LBDs.


Titled ‘Adagio' this new collection is inspired by ballet training and slow movement is represented by the shape of the shoe or fold of leather. Tones are muted in mint greens, greys and flesh pinks with brighter shades of yellow, lilac and black in small details capturing the dancer's movement. Her wooden wedges are HIGH with an almost rocking chair construction.


La Perla collaborates with Jean Paul Gautier and brings out his signature cone bra cups and corseted waists. Colours are orange red, black and nude.


Atkinson's hats are whacky as ever with this season the story floating between Adam & Eve, Sleeping Beauty and the Green Man. Main colour palette is green (obviously) ranging from apple to moss, creams, gold and pale pinks to fuchsias. Designs are berets in suede or leather, straw mini-fezzes and silk florals creations.


Back on the catwalk shows, this time at Vauxhall Fashion Scouts' Freemason's Hall


This mens and womenswear collection has a circus clown feel to it with long broad braces holding up very low slung baggy trousers and skirts with wide loose waist bands. Main colour palette is crisp white and stone with touches of black and splashes of terracotta. Layering is key and prints of large skull are bold and dramatic.



Day 5 and the sun is shining and I'm back at the big tent in Somerset House.



Inspiration for graphic simplicity and geometric lines is drawn from abstract artist Robyn Denny's clean colour blocked panels and the fresh sporty undertone from post-minimalist sculpture Rachel Whiteread.

Monochrome blazers and waistcoats have displaced lapels in contrasting shade to form sculptural shapes, simple tunic leather dresses and skirts are perforated and hemlines curved. 60's style dresses continue the geometric lines and monochrome look.

Softer lines and colours are brought in through nude and buttermilk suede and loosely woven macramé sweaters and maxi dress.

Vibrant colours also appear in abundance with marine blue, spearmint, emerald, gold, raspberry and navy.  And photographic print of large peonies in raspberry and monochrome bring a light feminine touch on silk gazar and organza shift dresses, tunic tops and skirts



The weather was definitely getting in to the swing of LFW as the sun shone through the Portico Room windows for Antipodium's ‘Hothouse ‘collection. This mens and womens wear collection is inspired by the Barbican hothouse and what could happen if revellers succumbed to their natural urges at a refined soiree.

Prints are oversized entwined limbs in greens and greys on shirts and shirt dresses, dense foliage in mulberry and green, plus moths on sky blue blouses and mini flared skirts and dresses.

Skirt length varies from the flirty mini to the elegant 40's mid calf length of the waffle knitted body con dress and stretch denim pencil skirts.

Brown washed linen shorts with a frayed hem look tailored teamed with waffled knit jumper and sky blue moth blouse, and the soft nylon raincoat in chartreuse gives the illusion of wet grass whilst the diaphanous chartreuse dress underneath reflects hot humidity.

Other main colour is dusty pale pink in a skinny leg pant suit and floor length diaphanous dress.



Lots of lace as high waist wide legged pants, maxi skirts and short dresses, but also as panelling in body con short dresses and lace fitted leg warmers.  Main colour palette is muted beige with accents of neon violet, mint green and fuchsia pink in chiffon drapes, panelling, animal and tropical flower prints.



Day 6, move over girls, it's now the boys' turn



Titled ‘Never Get to Go Anywhere' this refers to the wanderlust of trips Shannon is yet to take.

The colours of the collection are light with lots of crisp optic white, pale sand and powder colours of lemon, pink and blue. Camouflage prints are pale blues, greys, black and white. Coloured panels are the look for shirts, shorts, trousers whilst nylon anoraks don coloured pockets. Rag tufting and mesh give texture to tops, shorts and hats.  Large light grey rucksacks add to the adventurous holiday theme. The overall look is clean and you can't help wonder whether this collection is more suited to a luxury holiday in the Caribbean rather than trekking in Nepal or on a dusty African safari.



Titled ‘the Devoured and I', the collection looks at the intimacy and journey of 2 people as they experiment and get lost in self discovery and subsequently the fall out and consequences of this.

Layering is key with waistcoats, shirts over tees, and knits wrapped round the waist, but the silhouette is slim and not baggy. Colours range from the muted earthy tones to burnt oranges, blues, pinks and black.

Grandmas may have to lock up their doilies as hand crocheted ones make an appearance here giving texture to tee shirts and knits. Admittedly not all are the basic white as some are dip dyed with neon colours to represent hallucinations. Also adding texture and a bit of bling are Swarovski crystals embellishing tops and boots. Patterns galore on rolled up chinos and digital prints of William Gedney the photographer grace the backs of tops.

The show ended this journey with a Pulp soundtrack and a wide laser beam display above the catwalk resembling a dense clouded sky.

And it is also the end of my LFW journey, next stop London Fashion Weekend.


Karen Grace - Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for frumpy to funky.

Call for consultations on 07787 800 390

More details through the website: www.frumpytofunky.com


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Winter Fashion

Moncler, as a great famous French brand, it is no wonder that is sought-after by more and more fashionable ladies. Moncler also belongs to luxury brands in some sense. You can find moncler figures in every country’s famous top fashion stores.As an example of down jackets, moncler jacket has the top level in the jackets industry.With best warm properties and excellent reputation in the world, moncler will make you comfortable every winter.It fastens with a double-zipper and a logo badge features on the left arm. A nice looking dressing makes you look distinctive and inimitable.Moncler has many different style and designer moncler coats and vests such as Moncler Jacket, Moncler BEA Jacket,

The name Moncler stands for a small place named Monestier de Clermon in France. The company is located there. Small place also get big success. From the beginning the company concentrated on producing professional equipment for ski teams.

Once they provide equipment for the national ski team of France. This is the first peak of its career. The coming big change in the career is that it was bought by Italian entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast Remo Ruffini in 2003. Riffini placed a much larger emphasis on the styling of the products to make Moncler one of the leading fashion labels. Each style has distinctive characteristic. Moncler jackets are a good way to keep your fashion feeling alive.

Moncler Jackets Winter Fashion 2010th me as a cute, she might just as well as your head What is needed in taking Moncler  jacket. This season you can not ignore the existence of Moncler jackets. Cover existing Moncler, Moncler jackets. Men, women, Moncler jackets, Moncler jackets, Moncler surprised us all in every season.

Moncler jackets, women choice more color, pink, black, blue, and more! Now, you will require to really feeling no cost to go anywhere, generally because moncler , you are warm and cozy each of the time.

The Moncler Jackets  have always been famous when we talk about the fashion world. Moncler jackets are available for both men, women and for the kids also.As for men’s Moncler, they are also popular with men. Looking good and stylish is something which is desired by every person.Men’s Moncler are a great way of keeping you warm in the cold winter. And what’s most, the Men’s Moncler Jackets always look fashion and stylish for wearing.Every men seem to be totally obsessed with the Men’s Moncler due to the comfortable jackets it provides. They are very stylish and hip hop sort of Moncler men’s jackets that can make men stand out in a public. You would be noticed wherever you will go just because of the Moncler men’s jacket you would be wearing.

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Fashion Week: Showcase Your Clothing Brands

 Fashion week is an event in the fashion industry that lasts for a week. Fashion designers and clothing brands participate in the event to display their items and latest collections on clothes, footwear and accessories. The crux of fashion week is to know the hottest and trendiest clothing styles in the world of fashion.

It was in 1920’s when fashion shows began to circulate in New York and were held in restaurants during break time. Fashion show was more like a fashion play where event organizers used only a single theme and a narrative commentary script. The first New York Fashion Week occurred in 1943 in aiming to distract consumer’s attention from French Fashion when people were unable to visit Paris because of the World War II. The fashion week started as a Press Week when American people were unable to travel to Paris.

The phenomenon of Press Week ushered the creation of Vogue and other fashion magazines.

Meanwhile, the four capitals of fashion week are New York, London, Paris and Milan, although fashion weeks are also held in other countries. Autumn and winter collections are shown in the fashion week. Fashion weeks are held months before a season to allow sneak preview on the latest fashion and trend. Fashion weeks are convened twice a year. The launch of fashion week differs on the season and the place.

One of the most awaited and biggest Fashion Weeks is London’s Fashion Week. London Fashion Week is a public showcase of different clothing brands that occur twice a year in Somerset House London, England, usually in February and September.  The first London Fashion Week occurred in 1984.

One of the clothing brands that participated in the Fashion Week is the Show Love Clothing. It is an eco-conscious clothing label that produces apparels focusing on London’s culture and style of clothing. Show Love Clothing is not only a clothing manufacturer, yet the company also organizes education forums and events for a healthy lifestyle.  Show Love Clothing company reached other states such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

London Fashion Week is not only profiting the fashion industry but the economy as well. The industry is claimed to be the third’s largest industry in London, next to telecommunications and real estate. Furthermore, the fashion industry generated over 800,000 jobs for people (especially young women who constituted 70% of the labor force).  London’s Fashion Week contributed roughly £21 million to London’s economy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011



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Fashion, Styles And T-Shirts

Fashion is a little something that most people don't genuinely grasp too much about. It's probably a great thing that many people don't worry very much about it, but it's also how individuals find themselves in trouble with fashions and trends.

If you are not sure about something, it is easy to fall victim to these trends and fluctuating styles. More often than not, a style or craze is launched in one area of the nation and it could take weeks or months for it to make it across every state.

By the time it gets to the other coast, often times the styles and trends where it all originated have by this time switched. the majority of fashions and fads start on the east or west coast and then make their way inland and across the country. What may perhaps look normal in California, might be novel in New York and place you and your personal style apart from the group.

Despite the fact that many unique trends and fads come and go, there are a couple of staples in the fashion world that never go out of trend.

One of those things is the t-shirt. T-shirts have been around for a long time and many people wear one at least once a week, yet a lot of individuals wear one daily.

There are a collection of reasons behind the fame of the t-shirt, but for almost all individuals it comes down to the simple fact that they are so comfy and easy to wear. You do not have to hassle with a t-shirt; you simply put it on and go about your business.

You can easily show your fashion and attitude with a t-shirt and by what is printed on the shirt. On occasion when you meet a new person, their t-shirt is more interesting than they are and you always remember what was on the t-shirt instead of what the person said.

T-shirts are also excellent to extract your concept. When you're a small business, you can't do much greater than having your name and logo printed on one and worn throughout the town. You could even design and style your own shirts and sell them or give them away at special activities and meetings. Picture having a family reunion and everyone getting a matching t-shirt with a special design and style. Or what if you were having a special event and everybody that participated received a commemorative t-shirt to mark the event. There are numerous ways to use the promoting capability of the t-shirt.

Have you ever seen funny tshirts and thought that you can design a Tshirt much funnier than that? Well now you can. If you are interested in designing your very own shirt check out www.finroo.com.

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Mulberry New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 collection

A model walks the runway at the Mulberry Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week.

Photo: Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Mulberry showed their Spring 2011 handbag collection earlier today during New York Fashion Week. Mulberry’s line of classic and simple handbags is coveted by Fashionistas around the world who value both quality and classic style. Supermodel Kate Moss has been photographed numerous times wearing Mulberry’s classic handbags and she has appeared in many ad campaigns for the design house.

Mulberry showed their classic, double handle tote in neutral shades of brown, bright blue and cream.

There was also a one handle tote with detachable shoulder strap shown in pale blue. Mulberry also included a quilted chain strap shoulder bag on the runway which was a little too close in style to Chanel‘s famous 2.55 handbag.

There was also a leopard print handbag with a long strap, making the bag hit at the botton of the hip bone on the model. The leopard print handbag was a stark move away from the classic and expected designs Mulberry normally shows every season. Perhaps this is Mulberry’s foray into trendier waters.

Fashionistas like the idea of Mulberry showing more fashion-forward designs. Mulberry’s classic bags are nice and always needed in a Fashionistas wardrobe, but the more trendier styles are highly coveted and could create an “it” bag frenzy for the design house.

Stay tuned as I continue to cover the handbags found on the runway during New York Fashion Week!

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Fashion Sunglasses

Sunglasses shades his eyes, that provides protection, better vision, comfort, or just an elegant appearance. These are different from spectacles which only function for people with vision problems. Sunglasses more associated with fashion rather than function.

It is assumed that the idea of sunglasses took birth of the Roman emperor Nero, who liked to watch gladiator fights the emerald and ruby. But the modern sunglasses took shape only in the 1940s, where the film is a huge contribution to pop fraternity that they are so popular. Today, sunglasses are available in all visible colors, collars and several hundred

frame styles and security improvements.

The most popular classical style of the pilot's sunglasses. They have oval pear shaped lenses that narrow towards the bridge of the nose. The early films also boasts a star in the style of the pilots. This style is still largely popular despite the entry of polarized lenses, sports goggles, wraparounds and clip-ons.

Polarized sunglasses protect the severe solar glares of the water and snow surfaces, beaches, and roads. They use technology to learn of the light polarization Edwin H. Land in 1936. Those who want something to keep the glasses fashionable, without compromising visual quality of the selected prescriptive sunglasses. Athletes to wear a different type of polarized sunglasses, which reflect the external, to reflect light of different colors.

Could wear any type of glass can be transformed into something radically different by attaching a pair of clip-ons. Clip-on sunglasses for a pair of lens available in a variety of colors and functions can be placed onto an existing glasses or a hat. Associated with fashion sunglasses in a big way, and people like Britney Spears,

Ivana Trump, Sophia Loren, and Linda Evans's own lines of sunglasses. One could say that sunglasses just part of the catwalk, as they are on the street.

Oakley was the first brand to recognize the potential of sunglasses as a fashion accessory. These sunglasses are still very high priced and exclusive. However, there are countless other brands including Ray-Bans, Serengetis, Christian Diors, channels, Donna Karans, Dolce & Gabbanas and Louis Vuittons. thronging designer sunglasses market. These are the popular brands

has spawned an endless market replica sunglasses, whose products are available at fractions of the cost of the original.

Sunglasses are a must-have for beaches, picnics, or just when the street on a sunny day. Become as important as any other part of clothing.

Sunglasses are not just a visual aid, they are also an important part of clothing. They affect the general appearance of the person. No wonder that buying a pair of sunglasses as well as the decision-making process as buying any other fashion accessory.

Calvin Klein, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Donna Karan, Marco Ricci, Dolce & Gabbana, Serengeti, Christian Dior, Chanel, and only a few of the hundreds of names, which are involved in the manufacture of hip designer sunglasses. These designer sunglasses to the exclusive retail shops, shopping malls, multiplexes and a marginally higher cost than conventional sunglasses. There's a lot of advertising and marketing to all forms of such a spectacle, the media and celebrity brand ambassadors

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La Fashion Week - Do Not Ever Miss It Again

Los Angeles is taken into account as the "fashion capital" once you head to the West Coast. It usually holds a fashion week twice a year. Throughout this event, Yank style houses get the possibility to point out off their newest and trendiest collections.
The recently concluded fashion week is no exception. The designers primarily based in L.A. stayed true to their culture by using old Hollywood glamour combined with made colours, lovely elegant silhouettes, and lots of femme-fatal.
With an all-spherical perspective, star-studded days, and week long festivities, these designers do not want to take a backseat and don't seem to be afraid to hold their own style. Thus take a look at the newest fashion trends from a number of L.A.'s notable style houses.
The designer, Erik Kim, is a follower of Vivienne Westwood and the remainder of the punks within the eighty's. He created his collection known as "Monarchy" so as to translate London street style to a look named "trans-international hot" (as what he calls it).
The most recent fall assortment he showed was impressed by a technique referred to as "layering." The color palette was a heat mix of misty inexperienced and gray as well as burnt ginger. There's conjointly a series of fresh, urban chic characterised by well-cut trousers, shawls, capes, chunky scarves, and braided hats. Overall, it created a winter wonderland theme.
Candice Held
This assortment is all concerning celebrating the female spirit and form. Candice Held's use of spirited shades, shiny fabrics, quirky and funky variations created of colourful and geometric prints created a fun blend. She formed her unique creations by mish-mashing colours, patterns, and materials while testing the boundaries at the same time.
Jenny Han
For the most recent fall collection, the designer, Jenny Han, illustrated the 70's glamour with a fashionable twist. Made colors palette of golden yellows, teal, navy blues and emeralds graced the runway. There have been blue and charming turquoise evening dresses, high waist skirts and pants, furthermore grey and black mini-dresses. Really, it is a wearable and chic collection.
Whitley Kros
The designers, Sophia Coloma and Marissa Ribisi, paraded their latest collection with a combination of vogue taken from the seventy's to the eighty's. There have been bright colours of burnt ginger, red, black, and white. You can additionally appreciate the cigarette pants, blazers, oversized knits, further because the plaid and tweed materials worn together with animal prints. Overall, it's a clean and aesthetic collection.
Nicholai by Nicky Hilton
The beautiful and young heiress, Nicky Hilton, presented her assortment with a glance galvanized from rock stylish-bondage-cavalier. Her models appeared with riding boots, gloves, and derby hats combined with cropped red or black blazers along with black latex leggings. She conjointly showed some girly accessories and conventional blouses.
Christian Audigier
Designer Christian Audigier was the middle of attention during this event. He dominated the Los Angeles fashion week runway by showing off his "Yankee Lord" collection. It had been an explosion of punk-rock Americana combined with some British aristocracy.
Thus think concerning royal crowns, flags, and plaid skirts together with matching waistcoats for faculty girls. Gold-sequined motorbike jackets, jeans, and leggings also stood out while emphasizing a red and black plaid color palette.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swimwear 2011: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Swimwear fashion week annually held in the early July in America has attracted great public attention of fashion magazine reporters, celebrities, models and designers, etc. They gather the event to enjoy and contemplate and evaluate the latest trends of this fashion line. This year, swimwear fashion week titled Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011 are held in the beach of Miami, Florida from 15th to 19th July. The event has left deep impression on audience with exciting performance of long legged models as well as eye catching new swimwear designs. Participating in the swimwear fashion week 2011 are world’s big fashion brands such White Sands Australia, Beach Bunny Swimwear and Dolores. Like the previous years, Bunny swimsuits continue to gain great favour of the audience with the sexy beauty. In the new collection of 2011, they once again affirmed their unlimited creativity with far more incredible and sexier designs.


Unique designs of Bunny swimwear in the fashion week 2010


The swimwear varied greatly in design and colour


Elegant colour with remarkable details


Strip patterns make the swimsuit really special and outstanding


Two piece swimsuits are also of great favour


Stylish black stripped patterned swim suit


Elegant white swimsuit with unique details


Colourful swimwear is also much preferred


Large hat and colourful handbag make great accessories


Pink handbag for gentle and womanly girls




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How To Find Sydney Daily Deals Online?

Living in Sydney and want to find daily Sydney deals online? Well, you have an opportunity to cheer up and celebrate as there are many group buying websites available on the internet providing you all types of daily deals in Sydney like hotels, restaurants discount coupons and vouchers, spa coupons in Sydney, beauty discount coupons and cheap travel vouchers in Sydney.

How to find the best Sydney daily deals website?

Well, finding Sydneys best daily deals website is not a big deal. You just need to open your web browser, log on to Google.com and type daily deals for Sydney and you will find hundreds of group buying websites providing best daily deals for Sydney. Now open any of the group buying website, check all daily deals in Sydney and buy your favourite daily deal.

Different daily deals websites offer different types of daily deals

Remember that different daily deals websites offer different types of daily deals. For example, ShareOn.com.au is a leading group buying website in Sydney where you can find best daily deals on your favourite Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Fashion, Beauty and many more. If you want to want to use any daily deal website in future, bookmark that website and fill youre billing details (always give your credit card details only to the trusted websites) before you buy a deal. This way your chances are increased by not wasting time re-typing, allowing you plenty of time to grab your favourite deal and complete the transaction before your deal is sold out.

Share your favourite Sydney deals with your friends, colleagues, relatives or family members and get assured discount

To get the discount make sure you share your favourite daily deals in Sydney with your friends, colleagues, relatives or family members by Twitter, Facebook and eMail. This way you can trigger the minimum required numbers to activate the deal, meaning everyone can buy it to get the huge discount.

How to receive best daily deals in Sydney right in the inbox?

To receive best daily deals of Sydney right in the inbox, you simply need to subscribe to the daily mail alert and the group buying website will email you daily Sydney Deals every day.

Important Things You Need to Consider

When you are searching for your favourite daily deals in Sydney, don't let the excitement of the deal compel you to make a purchase quickly. Always buy only those things which you really need or want to buy. You can also use the Google product search to know the amount of money a particular item is selling for on the other group buying websites.

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Designer Phoebe Philo for Celine takes the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 by Storm

Phoebe Philo is undoubtedly the designer of the moment. With her "No Frills" Spring/Summer 2011 collection she brought the thrill back to the Paris Fashion Week. The lady got the "real" on ramp - clothes that look wearable, clothes that enamors one with its simplicity and elegant silhouette. If the new Fashion Word is minimalistic, Phoebe Philo has shown how to do it.

No doubt, the designer is aiming to take the values of the "luxury industry in a new direction". Her collection manly comprised of supple silks and cotton fabrics - a cool option just apt for summers -collected from a distant land (Japan). The small mills of the country gave Philo a creative satisfaction though the large scale European mills, which suit the luxury label like CELINE, were always in her reach.

"It's slower because of the distance, but I just thought it was really important we stepped out of the European industrialized universe...(to get) back to basics," Phoebe Philo told The Associated Press in an interview.

The fashion critics were mum as the models sashayed down the ramp in light-coloured dresses with neat lines, smart cuts, and high on minimalistic quotient - wearable and comfortable. The designer's claim a need to go to the basics and her dresses just like her "Autumn" 2010 connection relied on her instinct to dress a woman, who not only sees a dress as a commodity but a expression of herself, a joy of being a woman.

Phoebe joined Celine in the year 2008 and within two years and three seasons, the lady has taken the brand Celine to new heights. It seems the break after she left Chloe has made this lady a more of a thinker - a style thinker or to say a fashion inventor, defining and re defining the way a woman dresses.

About the Author:

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Christian Louboutin Making Men's Shoes for Fashion Week

Post by (Ugg Boots Schweiz) Jan 2011

Watch the womenswear shows during fashion week, and red soles can be seen flashing up and down the runways -- but the footwear in the menswear shows is rarely paid a second look.

This season, however, may tell a different story. Young designer Marlon Gobel is planning to collaborate with none other than Christian Louboutin on the footwear for his men's Fall 2011 collection, to be debuted during New York Fashion Week in February. As to how, exactly, the cobbler favored for his sky-high heels decided to take the plunge into men's runway shoes: Gobel apparently caught Louboutin's eye when he put his lone female model in a pair of the designer's red soles last season. Louboutin was such a fan of the collection as a whole that he offered up his shoes for the next go-around, on the men.

Gobel, naturally, was thrilled, writing on his Facebook page, "Simple, Transformative and Elegant! Now it's your turn guys to make them see red.

Thank you, Mr. Louboutin!"Watch the womenswear shows during fashion week, and red soles can be seen flashing up and down the runways -- but the footwear in the menswear shows is rarely paid a second look.

This season, however, may tell a different story. Young designer Marlon Gobel is planning to collaborate with none other than Christian Louboutin on the footwear for his men's Fall 2011 collection, to be debuted during New York Fashion Week in February. As to how, exactly, the cobbler favored for his sky-high heels decided to take the plunge into men's runway shoes: Gobel apparently caught Louboutin's eye when he put his lone female model in a pair of the designer's red soles last season. Louboutin was such a fan of the collection as a whole that he offered up his shoes for the next go-around, on the men.

Gobel, naturally, was thrilled, writing on his Facebook page, "Simple, Transformative and Elegant! Now it's your turn guys to make them see red. Thank you, Mr. Louboutin!"Wenn Sie an ugg boots günstig interessiert sind,bitte besuchen unsere Website:christian louboutin schuhe

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London Fashion Week and the Tribe of Doris!

Pukka is a Hindi word meaning ‘authentic', ‘genuine' or more colloquially ‘top quality'. It comes from the Sanskrit ‘pakwa' and this sentiment of offering the best quality organic Ayurvedic herbs and service is what we at Pukka Herbs are all about. Our unique range of organic herbal remedies and award winning teas are based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda – ‘the art of living wisely.' We set up Pukka Herbs to make the wonders of this wisdom easily accessible to everyone.

From the 10th till the 17th of August the Tribe of Doris - a seamless fusion of summer camp and festival - hit a site in Devon with over 40 workshops in drumming, dance and song from award winning and inspirational teachers from Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Doris is a participatory event, where learning from these amazing artists is the core activity but there were also world class performances, open mic sessions, jamming, Ceremonies, fireside jamborees, a wellbeing zone as well as a host of creative youth and childrens activities!

Visitors could get involved in djembe drumming at all levels, sabar, African ballet and contemporary African dance,  Flamenco song and dance, samba, Brazilian song and dance,  Sufi whirling, belly dance, Middle Eastern music, Moroccan Gnawa and much more, culminating in a huge firelit celebration of the weeks workshops on Saturday night.

And Pukka was there (in spirit!) to provide a refreshing back note in the form of our teas!

We've had some lovely feedback from Miriam Saltmarshe, Nutritionist for Models at London Fashion Week about some of our lovely Pukka goodies that were helping keep the models in tip top shape!

"Pukka's elderberry syrup worked a treat for any of the models who were coming down with a cold or cough and worked very well with their Three Ginger tea. To support skin health we used Pukka's bionutrients (Clean Greens and Vitalise) with their delicious teas, Cleanse and Detox, which replaced tea and coffee".

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Fashionable Jewellery For Fashion

Twilight jewellery is the collection of different jewellery that is used in the movie twilight. The jewellery used has its own meaning and is related to some story. The popular jewellery among the one used is the Rosalie necklace which is seen wearing by the character named Rosalie. With the demand of Twilight jewellery replica of these were designed and later released in the market. Other famous jewellery is the Bellas eternity rings which are very beautiful in look with diamonds mounted in the grids and white metal. Later the ring with the same design and model was designed using yellow gold. It is the best valentine gift for the valentine day. Twilight jewellery is the latest trend in the jewellery and is sold out soon at the stores. There are people who are placing orders for the original design and model of these jewelleries.
Bellas ring is very famous and can be seen wearing by many women. It is one of the best jewellery to be considered for wearing in the parties. It is the ring in white metal mounted with Rainbow Moonstone. The ring is worn by the famous actress Kristen Stewart as Bella in the movie Twilight. Bellas ring is very beautiful and can be worn on all types of the wardrobe and can easily match with other jewellery like eternity bands, or cubic zirconia necklaces. We can see that many womens wear this ring not only on occasions but also as a daily basis. Bellas ring is very expensive and is available in all the stores across the globe. The designers have come up with many replica models of this ring, which are again expensive.
Twilight necklace is the jewellery available in both original and replica designs and models. One type of the necklace is designed with a simple chain and red heart dollar. This Twilight necklace is designed using Swarovski crystal heart, which is red as dollar and sterling sliver as a chain. There are many other models of Twilight necklace like a Twilight locket necklace with the pictures of the Edward and Bella. This necklace represents as a symbol of love and is one of the best valentine gifts to be given to the loved ones.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality

More and more researchers now warn: "The male fertility gradually decreases. The sperm loses both quantity and quality. Once, when a couple could not have a child, looking at all the woman. In recent years, however, men are increasingly infertile, leading to male infertility is now 50% of cases the cause of IVF. The men seem to lose every year to 2% of the dynamics of their sperm. Minutes this means that not only reduces the number of sperm, but also their mobility. What accounts for the slippery slope that has taken male fertility; O modern lifestyle. The usual suspects? Smoking, environmental pollution, stress, fashion!

Enemies of Sperm

• Substances and alcohol: Alcohol reduces testosterone production in the testes, while hallucinogens and drugs act through suppression of the hypothalamus of the brain, as well as decreasing levels of testosterone.
• Abuse of antibiotics: Pharmaceutical substances, such as the usual antibiotics anabolic steroids, etc.

can affect the production and function of spermatozoa.
• Plastic cups: The daily habit of many years' men to drink their coffee in a plastic cup may, according to studies, to affect sperm quality because of various substances released from the plastic when it comes into contact with the hot coffee especially.
• The nappies: Scientists at the University of Kiel noted that the plastic coating on diapers increases the temperature in the scrotum during the first C. Specifically; they argued that the prolonged increase in testicular temperature during first C may reduce the number of sperm that will produce the child when grown up.
• Mobile: There are studies that relate to long-day use of mobile phones with impaired spermatogenesis, but have not clarified the exact relationship.
• Your favorite laptop: During the operation, the laptop developed an internal temperature above 70th C and often put their users on their thighs, near the testes, thereby damaging the quality of sperm. The damage can be avoided if you place the laptop on a table or desk, even in the seat next to you.

Ways to increase male fertility

• Limit alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce sperm motility in men.
• Balanced nutrition: A few months before conception is recommended to improve the diet to increase the chances of success. Recommended, especially the increase making oil omega 3 and omega 6, found in nuts, seeds and oily fish and eating organic foods, like fresh vegetables and whole grain bread. Also, taking folic acid helps strengthen both the sperm and the good health of the fetus.
• Note on weight: Obese men may have reduced testosterone levels, which can affect sperm function.
• Stop smoking: Smoking is toxic to sperm, thereby affecting their quality.
• Stop medications or hormone pills
• Relax and try out all the stress, which, inter alia, increase body temperature.
• Avoid exposure to excessive heat or chemicals and toxins or radiation.
• Make regular tests to make sure that you are not suffering from any disease, but after these changes in your lifestyle, to see whether sperm quality has improved.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Street Style: Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011

Milan is well-known as the fashion capital  of the world. Annually, the legendary fashion city sets up a week for all designers, fashion editors and models throughout the globe. Recently, the Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 has been held successfully to dedicate to women’s fashion. The impressive lasting memories of the event this year are ornate thigh high boots  and rich colors of the rainbow. During the event, Milan’s street is dominated with bright colors of amazing street style. These style queens including off-duty models, attendees, designers and fashion editors show off multi-coloured dresses, leather trousers, perfectly accessorized jewelry and trademark sunglasses.

Stylist Elisa Nalin brings appreciated ray of light to Milan Street by incorporating color without overdoing: pumpkin jacket, blue trousers and yellow high-heel in one outfit.

Anna Dello Russo, Creative Director of Vogue Nippon, wows in the bold Prada look.

The high heel perfectly matches with the dress' bold shades.

Anna Dello Russo, "Runway to Sidewalk" Queen, wears the colourful Balenciaga Fall 2007 jacket. She looks cute with the legging.

Stylist Elisa Nalin  shows no fear to the use of bright colors.

Alexander McQueen dizzying striped dress teamed with a bold clover clutch are the statement accessory of spring

The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni, floral skirt and bright red bag pop lends this feminine to the lady.

The chic lady has great grasp of proportions thanks to a belted jacket over her A-line skirt.

The woman cleverly wears a cape and sweater over her loose maxidress.

The subtly printed maxi skirt highlights the sense of '50's-inspired look.

Susie Bubble knows how to do fun with fashion thanks to the multicolored and quilted skirt.



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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fashion Fitness

Since my cute dark denim jeans don't fit what about the rest of my clothes? I was unemployed for eight months and so was my wardrobe. My fashion during this time period consisted of a t-shirt, hoodie, jeans or yoga pants, which are pretty forgiving. I would have been a perfect candidate for TLC's What Not To Wear. Action was required. I needed to try on my clothes and make some executive decisions. I was afraid though. It's always depressing trying on clothes that don't fit, but it's worse to keep them around and torture yourself every time you go to wear them. The adventure began. Many clothes ended up on their way to the Goodwill. I need to buy a few more pairs of pants since I was starting work. However, my funds were limited so only a few essential pieces were on the list. This too was a rude awakening as my pants size jumped up by two since the summer.

The jeans I was trying to get back into were in the middle of the before and after so my goal was not unrealistic or unattainable. After this experience my motivation was intensified.

I feel I must interject my disclaimer before I go any further. My body will never look like it did when I was 20. I am a woman now and I have curves and to tell you the truth I love them. Gap even makes curvy jeans just for women like me. I know at what weight I feel comfortable and that's what I am working towards. I will not be a size four. In fact sign me up for a size eight please. Along with weight management fitness is a great stress reliever and improves overall health and wellness. Who couldn't use some of that?

As for my wardrobe I was limited. I needed to step up my fashion game as well; the key accessories. All you need to update an outfit are a few accessories. Here are several ways to help get ideas. Window shopping; I know it can be torture if you are not buying but remember it's about ideas and working with what you got. Catalogues and magazines are also a good source for ideas. Check out what some other fashionistas are wearing. For example you can take a pair of jeans a white t-shirt and maybe an old suit jacket; voila a new look. Highlight that work ensemble with a chunky necklace. Mix and match your essential pieces. How about slacks a cute tee and a vest. I also tried new color combinations. The color wheel helped me find the colors that work well together; it also defines complimentary and analogous colors. Color is my friend. Don't forget about the shoes. I know there are some shoes in my closet that haven't seen the streets in a while. Bring those cuties out and spice up that outfit. Change out your purse. Throw on a scarf. The possibilities are endless you are only limited by your fashion imagination. Remember fashion is not only about looking your best it's lots of fun!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Casual Dresses- A Necessities In Daily Life

Do you experience intimidated about formal dresses? Have you been jealous of other women who are not frightened to strut their body in a single original of the most stylish clothes of this season? Have you been trying to uncover motives to obtain informal clothes for yourself? if your answer is yeah, then it may probably be the perfect time to complement your enterprise out straight into the colorful globe of womens casual dresses.

The reasons for possessing casual clothes is they could possibly easily be dressed up or lower just by coming with a few choice of accessories. whether you are going to attend a benefit luncheon while using toast of society, or you are thinking of committing a lazy morning jogging near to the park, it is possible to place on particularly the casual dress on these two distinct times without possessing turning right into a process victim. You will be astonished by how an essential bright cardigan as well becoming a chunky classic necklace can obtain a design casual dress to some comprehensive new several level. if you at any time like dressing up with flexible pieces, then committing within a few customized clothes can be the method to go.

Since womens casual clothes are almost commonly a staple within the collections of the favored creative designers the reality that process market must offer, it is possible to go to for from the huge assortment of patterns and styles. From Long Sleeves Casual Dresses to short mini dresses, it is possible to easily feed your interest for process just by committing within a few important pieces. Do not be frightened to enterprise outdoors of the ease zone when trying out new styles. This way, it can be quite a great offer much less hard to complement you make a decision on which dress patterns would most complement your exclusive occasions.

So what have you been holding out for? if you at any time wants to obtain delight within an ideal bargains on casual dresses, research out what one original of the most broadly used process merchants have in store for you. Start out making you a wide selection of clothes today and you will commonly be within the center of fashion.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Indian Stars Shine At 'miral' Fashion Week

Freida Pinto bewitches in green at the Miral' premiere in Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2010
Freida Pinto going by the season's minimalistic theme, kept it neutral and natural at the screening of Miral' in Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2010. Her simple looks complemented well the oh-so-striking chiffon dress from the Christian Dior Resort 2011 collection.

Freida also earned brownie points for keeping her make-up subtle which induced freshness to her elegant persona. This Mumbai girl who rose to fame with her Slumdog Millionaire' has always upgraded her red carpet look, and amazingly gets it right all the time. Freida like to blend contemporary style with elegance and never tries anything outrageous. Her experiment with varied hairstyle for different events also gets thumbs up.

However, Freida is said to be a misfit to play Miral in the film. In a recent interview, Julian Schnabel defended his decision to cast Freida in Miral.' He is quoted as saying, I have other Palestinian women in the movie. If you look at her [Pinto], she looks like she could be Rula's sister. And she's a damn good actress. In fact, the actress has worked hard on her accent for the film.

Mallika Sherawat's sultry in back-less gown at Miral'screening
The Hisss' lady is enjoying her fun time in Doha Film Festival 2010. Mallika Sherawat was not only seen in the opening day of the gala event but also made her presence felt at the Miral' premiere. Her back-less gown in the metallic hue with an edgy feel made her look sexy, but what we missed was the wow' effect. If the dress has dull effect on us, Mallika made up with her make-up, gleaming face and that gorgeous smile.

However, it was pleasing to see Mallika trying out normal outfits. Her Cannes red carpet look was highly appreciated as she didn't try too hard on fashion seeking attention rather let her chic dresses to do the talking. She also posed for photos with Freida Pinto, Indian actress of Miral and also writer-journalist Rula Jabreal.

Only the lady could change her hairdo! It would have spiced up things. It's boring, Hisss gal!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Do You Know About The Amsterdam International Fashion Week?

Have you ever heard of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW)? It is an event taking place twice a year. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the fashion trends of the season. Initially, it started in 2004 so as to promote the industry of fashion in Amsterdam. These days it is known as one of the biggest fashion events.


During the AIFW, there are a series of fashion shows, a number of presentations, trade fairs, meetings, parties, gallery exhibitions and lectures which are well attended by the luminaries of the fashion industry, both in the Netherlands and across the world. Most of the designers who are featured during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week are from the Netherlands and Belgium but the visitor mix very much international in numbers.


The Fashion Week takes place every year at the end of January and then later at the end of July.

The most important event of the Laundry Day events is the two day Mode Fabreik, which is an important fashion fair that is held at the RAI Congress Centre. Also in conjunction with the AIWF, there is also a Fashion Week Downtown event that takes place, which is open for the general public. This event includes a number of public fashion shows, shop launches and much more. There are a number of venues for the various events; some of them include the Amsterdam Historich Museum, Rijksmuseum, Foam Photography Amsterdam and the Beurs van Berlage.


While most of the main AIFW events are only open to special invitees, there are a number of events, especially the Laundry Day events that are open to the general public.

There are tickets on sale for these events at various prices, with the most important events such as the Mode Fabreik normally priced at around Euros 15 for entry, whilst some other events offer free entry.


When one thinks of the big fashion shows, Paris, NYC and London immediately come to mind, but you will get the chance to see many of the same exhibitors, models and designers at the Amsterdam event. The event in the RAI centre is preferred to some of the larger events by some attendees with a more intimate atmosphere compared for example with New York Fashion Week. 'Green Fashion' is one of the themes for the 2010 show and this includes a look at the materials and recycling of clothes and any way in which the fashion industry can move forward in merging fashion and the environment.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The actual reason why People Are Anticipated About The Fashion Week

Wikipedia defined fashion as follows: "a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person. The more complex word, costume, has grown to be so related within the public eye together with the term "fashion" that the more typical term "costume" has in popular use generally been banished to distinctive senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, as the term "fashion" means clothes typically, and the study of it". Yet what exactly is fashion and in what way did it occur? The place where do you find it? So you believe it is just the clothes and the culture that is definitely manifested by fashion however right now, think again for fashion has evolved to include the best of life and life alone. So it developed the demand for the annual fashion week.

When fashion week is simply nearby just about every giddy fashionista asks the most important queries there are: when is fashion week, who will be the designers on the show, what are the fashion trends that will make or break an innovative clothing designer, who is going with who, and many more.

Fashion week has observed trends come and go. It's started as early as the westerners presented a very high respect for branded apparel towards the fast-rising indie and individual brands of today. It has also seen creative designers get to the top end and to quite a few, slip to the bottom level. It's introduced faces of fashion models to each and every glossy page of important catalogues. It has put together nothing but good stuff that fashion will come up with. It has put together customs and diverseness since fashion week now go intercontinental as every place that offers a feeling of relevance to fashion support their own yearly fashion week. The local fashion week gives opportunity to young, aspiring, and skilled designers that the field requires. In addition it offers the possibility for fashion trends to help make itself noticed to a greater target audience each year and this also brings about interest that the fashion community could be a major leader in elevating tourism of a region or a country.

In truth fashion has moved a long way from modifying the day-to-day lives of creative designers who have made it big within this market, to rewarding every female and guy's desire to becoming the certified fashionista, and then to, most significantly, bringing together most people and culture that symbolize it.