Friday, January 14, 2011

Daily Intake Values - Calcium Supplements

So, a lot of people are obviously into supplements and vitamins of all kinds. But there are a few things that people don't realize about supplements, and in particular Calcium supplements. For one, almost everybody needs more calcium; it's kind of like fiber in which almost nobody takes in as much fiber as they should. And so, if you're not drinking a few glasses of milk a day, you're likely not getting the kind of calcium intakes and volumes of the vitamin that you should be taking in. And there are all sorts of consequences to not taking in enough calcium. Of course, there's the obvious. The obvious reason that most people take Calcium supplements is because they're worried about their bones.

Young people worry about not getting enough calcium because they're worried about what their bones (or the health of their bones) will be like in their later years.

And that's a good concern to have, because most people in their middle age tend to have issues, in some form or fashion, with their bones. Just as joints will begin to wear down, so too will bones. And the only way to actually solve any of this is to prevent these issues from flaring up to begin with. That's where a good multivitamin comes into play. If you do take a good multivitamin pill, it will carry most of what you need, and then some. You'll have all of the vitamins, of course, but you'll also get good minerals and other nutrients from these pills as well. Now, it's true that these pills do contain some version of vitamin D supplements, but that isn't to say that all of these vitamins and minerals are actually absorbed in quite the same way as if they'd been packaged in a natural orange, or a stick of celery (just as examples). In order to really get a handle on what it is your body needs, you should actually get tested.

You can get these biological tests done for yourself that will basically grade you for how complete you are in terms of the nutrients and vitamins that you need. Now, this brings up an important point. Everybody has different requirements in terms of calcium supplements. This is something that actually isn't accommodated for, by the conventional model of distributing pills. Calcium is absorbed, whether or not you need it. It's unlike other vitamins and minerals, such as the Vitamin C in ascorbic acid (wherein that vitamin stops being absorbed at a certain volume and quantity). So, you see, you may want to go with lower quantity and potency Calcium supplements, so that you can better adjust and manipulate your dosing. That's something that more people should consider doing.