Thursday, January 6, 2011

3c Appliances As The Golden Week, Hot Fashion Pioneer


Complex, high-speed cross into this year's technology lead. Both contain songs, movies, long time and many other features of multimedia camera


Or focus on entertainment, anti-shake function and high-pixel DC products, or



The technology boom brought all the functional elements in the composition, will herald complex marketing strategies 3C appliances coming!

"51" period, when

Air conditioning

, Refrigerator,

Washing machine



The occasion of selling home appliances, home appliances and their equal shares of the fashion class, again became the top priority of consumer demand.

Recently, medium and large electrical consumption of hot category based on a number of characteristics, 2006, 3C appliances (mobile phones, digital, computer) to forecast consumer trends.

Phone??? I "flip" and I in 2006, Bright-rich mobile products will be personalized to meet the extraordinary demands of consumers, from the large and medium-selling models can be found, up double The four categories will also increase indicates that the consumer-oriented 2006 series mobile phones:

Music phone

Entered in 2006 will continue in full swing, in addition to support A2DP


Listen to music functions, a number of products will also play interface, the sound field mode and even the music management platform for differences in segmentation, firmly grasp the Philharmonic family's heart; main high-end camera phone will fall 3 million pixels and between 2 million and 100 million pixel models will become commonplace; thin sharp


V3 mobile phone market in 2006 as a windy classic models, but also leads product appearance in 2006's fashion trends; addition, contains songs, movies, long time and many other features of the multimedia camera phone with unparalleled Compound Entertainment advantage of becoming the most shining star in the mobile phone market.

Digital??? "If the Department sub-static, dynamic, if off rabbits"

2006, the entertainment, anti-shake function and a high resolution will be the DC market's three major trends: "Entertainment DC" will be popular, you can make use of their dynamic digital video recording,



4 video, edit music videos, acting as his own life screenwriter; and

Digital Cameras

The "anti-shake" feature will make up product or manual shaking due to displacement caused by aberrations, to secure a clear character; In addition, in 2006, 600 million pixels DC may be reduced because of technological trends in the low-end, high civilian camera 8 million pixels of glory will be open industry pixels DC, and


\ MP4 and other audio-visual products will be demonstrated at this year unmatched versatility Raiders.

Computer??? Me crazy dual-core 2006, a by the "dual core" computer craze seasonal update caused the sky, based on a single


A processor with two processor cores as function, so that consumers live more efficient computer, with the "dual core", the user can also play


While downloading movies, you can safely and peer voice dialogue, whether a friend to see QQ, ... ... double the nuclear age, you can at the same time have a more "profound" technology to enjoy.

Head of medium and large computer

also told reporters that at present, medium and large category of dual-core computer


Pulling force, "51" computer sales to hold the event, which will also indicate the update rate of the computer will again speed up.