Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What We Learned From London Fashion Week

Every industry and pastime in Britain has its highlights that make all interested parties sit up and pay attention - football lovers have their World Cup every four years, film fans have the Cannes Festival each year, and fashion fanatics look forward to the biannual London Fashion Week.

Alongside the events held in Milan, New York and Paris, the London Fashion Week is a key indicator of trends to be prevalent in the coming seasons, and it traditionally takes place in February and September. The 2010 February week will be remembered as the first that could be watched online, but more prominently for the moving tributes given to fashion designer Alexander McQueen who passed away in the fortnight leading up to the event.

As one of the industry's greats moved on, London Fashion Week paved the way for upstarts to make their name and many took advantage of the opportunity to shine.

The media and spectators - including many celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Pixie Lott - were wowed by many, with particular praise given to the work of Christopher Kane, Duro Oluwu and Marios Schwab.

The trio - as well as many other designers at LFW - inspired awe with their bold use of colours and a host of inventive designs.

Plenty of different fabrics made an appearance at the event. Pearlised and plastic-coated fabrics - including plastics made from recycled materials - were predominant, with feathers, snakeskin and chiffon all heavily featuring as well. Exotic designs from the world over were out in full force with safari fashion on show, as well as prints with Mexican, Aztec and Inca stylings. These were juxtaposed with copious hoodies and ‘Geek chic' styles. Children inspired outfits based on shorts, romper suits and play suits were also on show.

LFW also displayed many classics in new forms, including tuxedos, mens suits and smart shoes buffed to their extreme. Brightly coloured waistcoats were used to accessorise, zip lines were visible and trouser cuffs had intricate detail, while many models proudly displayed ruffles and flounces.

As with many fashion shows, not all outfits on display will be seen in everyday life any time yet - as designers use the catwalk as a stage to display their more imaginative pieces - but many hints have been thrown up and already the winks thrown out by LFW have been mirrored by celebrities looking to be on the cutting edge of fashion.