Monday, October 11, 2010

Fashionable Coolers For Employees

Coolers weren't the bags that were carried by the cool people. In fact, the oddballs in the school or workplace carried coolers since these were considered unfashionable items. Those that actually carried their lunch in coolers were ostracized by co-workers and friends because these bags were not designed in some flashy colors and texts and neither were they branded. This scenario was a long time ago when coolers were sad pieces of functional items.

Fast forward to today and you have coolers that are so creatively designed, DaVinci would be proud of it. Coolers have taken a life of their own and have reached a certain appreciation and pop-culture symbol compared to its days gone by. With the recent recession, more and more Americans are taking a step back and nowadays are spending less eating out, and opting instead to bring their lunches in cool imprinted coolers and lunch bags.

Imprinted coolers are used more and more these days as more and more people are responding and adapting to the increase in costs of food, gas and the general cost of living.

Eating out is now considered a luxury. For companies, they can help their employees by giving out imprinted coolers with their company logo. This is an incentive to the employees as well as the company. Employees will feel honored to receive a gift from the company. By having a cooler, employees are automatically encouraged to use these coolers to bring in home cooked meals, which ultimately leads to keeping their food costs down daily.

For the company, imprinted coolers bring their message of corporate culture as well as keep the company branding going on since these coolers act as promotional items for the company.

With that many employees carrying the coolers everyday, people outside these group such as family members, commuter and bus passengers, other office people who are also taking the same travel route as you will notice the company logo on the cooler.

Even when having company outings and company family days, imprinted coolers can be offered as prizes together along with other items such as company organizers, tote bags and even ceramic mugs. Family days and company outings are a great way to enjoy a wonderful time in the midst of co-workers and employers because it is a way of the company saying thank you to everyone for their hard work and services, and this is very true especially if that year has been very fruitful for the company.

Functional, fashionable and cost-saving, imprinted coolers are not your cabinet d├ęcor. It brings you healthy, home made lunches everyday, while saving you money from buying expensive lunches outside, that is generally filled with oil and seasoning that is bad for the body. If your company is planning to get imprinted coolers, get the modern ones that have compartments and trays that enable your food to be packaged properly. Zippers and Velcro are also a good addition to the cooler as it keeps the food safe. Straps are also handy as it makes carrying a breeze.