Monday, September 13, 2010

Paris Fashion Week - Trends In Men's Fashions

If youre wondering what the trends will be later this year and into next spring, your best bet is to check in with the ongoing Fashion Week in Paris. Always indicative of what the new must have look will be, there are usually some great finds. So what did the 2010 show reveal?

Mens designer clothing is taking a slight shift towards more conservative colors. The textures, fabrics and accenting efforts more than make up for the lack of purples, bright reds and lime greens that we became familiar with in recent seasons.

Also, there are suggestions of looser fitting fabrics, too. This is true for both mens shirts, blazers and trousers, as well as denims. That middle of the road between close fitting and baggy is what should emerge in terms of whats seen on the streets. And speaking of the streets, the design labels that pull inspiration from street wear are enjoying a new surge in popularity due to some of the most visible designers on the runways.

But what about mens casual wear? Brands such as Voi are still the go-to labels. Fresh colors, quality fabrics and popular, but classic, trends rule the day in menswear. Another common denominator was the traditional black and white combinations. Updated with new designs and patterns, its back to the basics for the next season.
Mens hoodies and jumpers are always fast movers and while were still going to rock collegiate and distressed graphics, theres a new interest in differentiating between casual and weekend wear. Better fits will play a role, too.

Finally, the mens coats and jackets are all about the masculinity and sex appeal and if the shows from this weeks Paris show are any indicators, the designers have definitely found the right combination of all the elements that define an incredible mens jacket.