Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Harper Comes with Mommy Victoria Beckham to Fashion Week

Baby Harper is probably the only newborn to ever have a fashion sense by showing up for Fashion Week with her mom Victoria Beckham. This was her newborn's first fashion week ever, and she is starting her off early. Dressed in some of the most expensive designer wear, baby Harper is set to take the runway with surprise. The former Spice Girl, and her little Harper Seven, that is just shy of being two months old, was seen in NYC right before Fashion's Night Out, the first and most official kick off to the start of NY Fashion Week.

Posh looked absolutely stunning in her magenta dress, paired with suede Christian Louboutin heels that were beautiful to say the least. Harper shown bright in her plaid dress and grey socks. No red soles on her yet, but she is still rocking that baby fashion for the show. Victoria is in town to show off her new collection at the end of the Fashion Week at the NY Public Library.

She is excited, and did not want to leave little Harper at home. She cannot bear to be apart from her, but what mummy can? When you're gone all the time, than you want to make sure that you bring them with you if you can.

This time, Victoria did just that, and Harper seems to be the most content little girl out there. She sits in her mums lap and takes in everything and doesn't make a sound. With her wide eyes staring at all the latest fashion, she is definitely soaking up the design and collection world right before our eyes before she can even walk. This is something that we looked into. She was very cooperative during the entire process and they made sure to make their rounds where everyone that attended could not resist meeting little Harper. She was the smallest attendee there, and the one with the most attention overall, even more than the models that were wearing the outfits on the runway. This might be a good thing for Harper and her mom Victoria, but a bad one for the designers trying to show their new fashions.

There are pictures out there of the two during Fashion Week if you want to take a glimpse at this cutie, and perhaps the wardrobe her stunning mom is donning. This will give you an idea of just how fashion oriented the family is; Harper's mom is a fashion star after all. This is something to keep in mind when the time comes, and you want to make sure that you take a peek into the wonderful world of the stars and perhaps envision what it would be like to be one of them in the fashion industry or perhaps just a star overall. You end up knowing what is in, and what is not and perhaps where to shop for the best items. What would you do if you were a star?