Friday, May 1, 2009

New Fashion Sales Boom Triggered

Set off a cold and windy winter down jacket in advance sales frenzy, the world's leading fashion brand Bosideng down trend to take advantage of promoting the "dream-hyun 09 Nike Air Max Fashion Dress" theme marketing campaign, selling the limelight for a time goes. November 2 to 22 during the three weeks, Bosideng sales of 697 million yuan down jacket (below), greatly increased 86% over last year.

Baimao stores in Bosideng, selection, fitting down jacket filled with shelves of consumers between the channels, the cash register is also full of people. Staff said, these days the average daily sales are down jacket in five, six hundred, three hundred thousand or so sales of some models that sell well to sell five-day, sixty.

Past few days, the production workshop Bosideng lit, busy assembly line workers in the former concentrating on rushing down jacket, the processing of several thousand square meters workshop echoed the sewing machine beep with one swing of the busy scene. Storage Center, the porters are the goods shipped and out of tight site, a forklift up and down the fork down jacket FCL cars, trucks loaded with goods bound for the country continuously. Although the cold weather to earlier than usual, but the Bosideng Group has been effective order management and manufacturing strategy, even in the face unexpected early winter, still the Air Max 90 quality and quantity of production, and to meet the market demand for the rapid increase , which led Bosideng overall sales. Meanwhile, Bosideng in style and design innovation, again led the fashion industry to upgrade down jacket, down jacket in the habit of converting consumer awareness, whether it is color, fabric or style, accessories, will allow us to experience down fashion to the charm.

Bosideng led in promoting the brand to expand the market, in order management, materials testing, manufacturing, outward processing, storage, logistics, marketing services, and other sectors into a comprehensive ERP information engineering, network information technology and electronic business platform to create rapid reaction supply chain. Which hot-sale terminals, which can be color number out of immediate feedback to the company headquarters, for the production and marketing decisions and adjustments to provide reference, Down in the shortest time to delivery from the plant to more than 80 domestic companies and more than 5,000 retail trade network, end-market competition for the provision of adequate logistical support.

Fashion and changing, rapid response and adequate supply, Bosideng integrated design and innovation, information management and scale advantages, strong market demand for intensive season full of plans. The pursuit of Air Max 2009 quality perfection over the years, focus on brand loyalty and market intensive, but also makes the market confidence in the future Bosideng this winter.