Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chu Shu Inc. Declares 'Silver Linings' To Be NY Fashion Week's One And Only Fashionable Shoe Liners

New York, NY - Today, while New York city is abuzz with 'Fashion Week,' New York start-up Chu Shu Inc., proclaims that its fashionable antimicrobial shoe liners, Silver Linings, a must for any 'fashionista' who doesn't want to let her 'look' down with sticky feet and shoes when treading down her own personal runway. These slim and pretty half-soles protect her expensive and favorite shoes, from perspiring feet, when wearing them without socks or stockings. Infused with Agion® silver, these innovative inserts keep feet odor-free and dry, with bacteria-banishing and moisture-wicking features and a non-adhesive grip backing.

Silver Linings are the brainchild of New York businesswoman, Jenn Chu, founder of start-up, Chu Shu, Inc. ( who saw a personal need for a slender antimicrobial shoe liner for women to wear in their shoes with bare feet that would cut down on perspiration and odor and protect expensive shoes from being ruined. So after being laid off from her job, and equipped with a BS from Cornell in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Northwestern, she decided that the time was right to start her own company. So she designed and developed a product that fit the bill, or should we say, the shoe, and Silver Linings were born.

Ms. Chu sees 'Fashion Week' as the perfect time to tell the fashion industry and the fashion-conscious about Silver Linings, as she views them as an important fashion accessory for style-conscious women of all ages. Silver Linings are a premium product destined for premium stores worldwide, and she invites contact from interested U.S. and overseas distributors. They are already penetrating the market and were recently worn by all thirty-two Miss Malibu 2011 contestants and were featured in the gift bags of the judges, sponsors, guests, and celebrity speakers and performers.

Silver Linings of New York will be one of the co-sponsors of The Eva Longoria-Parker Rally For Kids For Cancer Charity event at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on October 21st and the Oscars® in the spring of 2011.

Jenn Chu comments, 'We women put all kinds of crazy stress on our shoes. We wear the same pair of ballet flats or high heels from dusk 'til dawn, usually without the benefit of socks to help protect both our feet and our shoes from moisture, wear and tear." She continues, "Traditional insoles are often so bulky that they can add an extra size to a shoe - and they don't do much in the way of moisture prevention. So what's a stylin' lady to do?" Her answer is her new product, 'Silver Linings!'
Silver Linings are made in the U.S. and come in a package of three pairs, retailing for .99. One-size-fits-all with each pair lasting for about 30, 12 hour wears. One pair is recommended for each pair of shoes. Currently available at, they are soon to be available at fine retailers and etailers everywhere.

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