Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Tips For Taking Fashion Inspiration

The glitz, glamour and copious amounts of fake tan brandished by our favourite celebrities on a seemingly nightly basis is enough to send us mere mortals into a jealous swirl. We'd all love to look as gorgeous as Frankie from The Saturdays, but unfortunately most of us aren't in chart-bothering girl bands.
Factor in millionaire footballer boyfriends and personal shoppers, and the fashion gap between us and the celebrity world seems almost impossible to make up. How can we match up to the sheer glamour of Cheryl Cole when we simply don't have the money to do so?
However, like angels from the fashion heavens, fashion retailers across the country are offering cut-price alternatives to the star's pricey wardrobes. The cheap women's fashion revolution is allowing us all to get away from the drag of our daily lives and party like the stars.
But dressing like your favourite celebrity is more than simply throwing on a dress mildly inspired by a piece they wore four years ago; it's a mindset. Follow these tips, and you're sure to dazzle your friends with a wave of celebrity-inspired fashion glory.
Take Inspiration, Don't Mimic
There's a thin line between taking style inspiration from the stars or looking like a dodgy tribute act - the key to not crossing this line is still showing off your own personality. Teaming little quirks such as a unique personal eye make-up style with a celeb-inspired dress can make all the difference, and significantly reduces the risk of you being swarmed by confused, yet still dedicated, fans on a night out.
Pick and Choose
Similar to the previous point, but equally as important is picking and choosing elements of a celebrity's style. Getting the same haircut, makeup, clothes and even manicure as your favourite celebrity is not only a faux-pas, but also a bit creepy.
Pick your favourite aspect of a celeb's style and work around it - for most women, this will be celebrity dresses. However, if you want to express your inspiration a bit more subtly, there is nothing to stop you going for makeup or shoes instead.
Shop Around
With the ever-increasing presence of celebrities in our daily lives, the desire to poach their styles has also increased dramatically. Fashion retailers have taken notice of this, and the fashion world is swamped with copies and imitations of celebrity dresses. The problem with this is that quality can vary dramatically. When shopping for that dress or those shoes, make sure you're going for the best quality copy - otherwise, you might look more Z-List than A-List.