Thursday, January 5, 2012

Men's Fashion Magazine Advice

The pace with which the world is progressing has also been embraced by the fashion industry all across the globe, regardless of it being a male oriented fashion industry or a female oriented fashion industry. Thus, it's becoming difficult to keep track of the developments taking place in the fashion industry.

The solution to this problem that is being faced by millions of people is the fashion magazines that are printed on daily, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. These magazines have transformed the way men used to recognize fashion. They have made a specific image of how men should look and dress, in the minds of the males, consequently, also shifting the self-image of men in today's society.

Most of you will now be thinking that fashion magazines are only for females, why would anyone print male magazines. This thought however is wrong. Various magazines are printed, focused only on men's fashion industry. All over the world, male segment in fashion industry is considered equally important as the female fashion industry and the demand for magazines reporting the trends of male fashion has been growing enormously.

Some magazines starting from topics such as health, economy to topics such as fashion are targeted only towards the male market segment. For instance, in United States of America, Vogue journal, Men's Vogue, Classic Style Magazine etc. are issued for males only. On the other hand, Fashion central (Pakistan), Euroman (Denmark), Esquire (UK) etc. are issued in different parts of the world for male audience only.

Whether these magazines are focused entirely on fashion or not isn't a problem as even the magazines focused on general interest such as sports are providing a higher portion of their magazine to men's fashion. Besides this, a lot of magazines catering to the female segments have also started segments reporting the most recent trends in male fashion industry.

As men's fashion has gained a lot of acceptance after being ignored for so many years, many publishers are trying to gain a share of this industry. As a result, they are providing more accessibility of reading to the male segment through online versions of the magazines. These magazines provide all the information males need to have to provide them with a stylish appearance. The top most read magazine is the Vogue. It's a fashion and lifestyle journal that is issued in eighteen different types of national editions and has one regional edition. It provides an online edition to its readers through its website.

Another most read magazine is the Esquire magazine that is issued on a monthly basis in United Kingdom and United States of America. This magazine is an all-rounder lifestyle magazine for men. It consists of political annotation, guidance on fashion by experts and canny editorial columns. A similar pattern is also used by magazines such as GQ magazine, classic style magazine etc.

The popularity of these magazines has also attracted many small vendors to produce some small publications dedicated towards men's fashion. No matter if it's a small publication or a magazine, the impact on the audience is always massive. People actually start following the dress code shown or written in the content of the magazine.