Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fashion Coloured Contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses have, in fact, phenomenally revolutionized the world of fashion. Nowadays, contacts are not only used for the purpose of rectifying vision but also as a fashion statement. Today, they have become an integral component of our style paraphernalia, the fashion mantra of the social glitterati and the quintessential style statement of the X-generation.  Coloured contacts are available in a broad array of colours and in various colour tones such as green, blue, mauve etc. Before you decide on wearing colored contacts, please do consult an eye specialist who can recommend the best coloured contacts for your eyes as well as educate you on how to use coloured contacts.

Basically, there are three kinds of tints that are added to contact lenses. A "Visibility" tint does not change the colour of your eyes, but makes spotting your lens an easier job if you drop it or it pops out of your eye.

An "Enhancement" tint simply intensifies light-coloured eyes and does not completely transform your eye colour. Contact lenses which have a "Colour" tint are mostly opaque and can invariably transform even the darkest of eyes in to significantly lighter shades. There are coloured contacts that could be worn on a daily basis for around a year and some which can only be used for a day or a week. Coloured contact lenses called ‘theatrical contact lenses' act as excellent special effects tool in films, on TV and for Halloween and costume parties. For example, if you wish to transform yourself in to a blood-sucking vampire or a flesh-eating monster, you can wear reptilian or blood-red contact lenses!

Few tips to remember:

Never wear contact lenses longer than prescribed by the eye specialist.
Maintain proper hygiene while handling your contact lenses.
Follow all the necessary instructions when handling contact lenses.
Ensure that your contact lens case is always properly cleaned.
If a lens causes irritation even after it has been sufficiently cleaned, it is possible that the lens could be ripped. Therefore, you should not try to put it back as it could considerably damage the eyes.