Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Collection Of Handbags, The Most Fashionable Hands Bags In This Week

The first one is the mosaic tapestry satin dinner Handbag BVLGARI This BVLGARI which is with mosaic brocade for dinner describes the word [resplendent with jewels" fully. Keep an Eye on the Brand Which Rank First : cricket equipment The rich lady style with elegance which using precious stones spells. This Year, People all Pick field hockey sticks

The second is a gray hollow ribbon handbag of Jimmy Choo brand. This style is mature and elegant, it is not proper for young girls. Some old lady will look good with the handbag. The bag uses the classic gray and you can take with it for anywhere. The design of hollow also add a fashionable design elements to the handbag,makes it not only generous but also fashionable.

The third is a Mature favorite --- Lady Dior handbag red.

Every time I see Lady Dior, I think of a woman who is Princess Diana with her story. The present of Lady Dior wins the love of Princess Diana. She usually takes it in different parties. This red handbag`s style is capable and experienced, color passion for winter use, highlighting the woman`s elegant temperament.

The fourth is the fold medium dumplings handbag of Dior with the most historical comments. Calfskin texture,gold medial polished hardware, double -wrapped leather shoulder strap, thin leather strap hungs such as pendant printed the word of DIOR

The fifth is the popularity new-Judith Leiber princess handbag Compact rectangle crystal array is just like attractive chocolate shapeThe perfect triangular section Austria crystal reflect gorgeous light.It is a fansty thing for every young lady.