Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashion Week: Showcase Your Clothing Brands

 Fashion week is an event in the fashion industry that lasts for a week. Fashion designers and clothing brands participate in the event to display their items and latest collections on clothes, footwear and accessories. The crux of fashion week is to know the hottest and trendiest clothing styles in the world of fashion.

It was in 1920’s when fashion shows began to circulate in New York and were held in restaurants during break time. Fashion show was more like a fashion play where event organizers used only a single theme and a narrative commentary script. The first New York Fashion Week occurred in 1943 in aiming to distract consumer’s attention from French Fashion when people were unable to visit Paris because of the World War II. The fashion week started as a Press Week when American people were unable to travel to Paris.

The phenomenon of Press Week ushered the creation of Vogue and other fashion magazines.

Meanwhile, the four capitals of fashion week are New York, London, Paris and Milan, although fashion weeks are also held in other countries. Autumn and winter collections are shown in the fashion week. Fashion weeks are held months before a season to allow sneak preview on the latest fashion and trend. Fashion weeks are convened twice a year. The launch of fashion week differs on the season and the place.

One of the most awaited and biggest Fashion Weeks is London’s Fashion Week. London Fashion Week is a public showcase of different clothing brands that occur twice a year in Somerset House London, England, usually in February and September.  The first London Fashion Week occurred in 1984.

One of the clothing brands that participated in the Fashion Week is the Show Love Clothing. It is an eco-conscious clothing label that produces apparels focusing on London’s culture and style of clothing. Show Love Clothing is not only a clothing manufacturer, yet the company also organizes education forums and events for a healthy lifestyle.  Show Love Clothing company reached other states such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

London Fashion Week is not only profiting the fashion industry but the economy as well. The industry is claimed to be the third’s largest industry in London, next to telecommunications and real estate. Furthermore, the fashion industry generated over 800,000 jobs for people (especially young women who constituted 70% of the labor force).  London’s Fashion Week contributed roughly £21 million to London’s economy.