Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clip on Earrings for Daily Wear

Clip on earrings are convenience incarnate. No piercing, no pain and no nightmares of needles, your nemesis in solid steel, piercing through your ears. Clip on earrings are just the thing you need to simply clip on and keep moving on.

Clip on earrings are held together by tension clips and stay on till you choose to remove them, making them comfortable for every day wear.
Clip on earrings can be made out of every conceivable material; glass, crystals, metal, white metal, gold plated metal, sterling silver, enamel, clips on pearl earrings and beads. They can also be made in many designs and fashions; drop, hoops, danglers, studs and torsades.
Clip on earrings that are made as studs, hoops, huggies, drops and torsades are most suitable for everyday wear.

Clip on Studs
Studs are simplistic yet fashionable earrings that are available in both subtle and stunning designs. It is easy to choose something that suits you and wear them without any discomfort all day long. Clip on studs are made as small medallion designs, squares, bold geometric shapes and a host of other designs.

Clip on Hoops
Hoops are mostly circular or semi circular and made of metal with patterns engraved on them. They are also available as plain metal tubes that are elementary yet stylish.

Clip on Drops
Clip on drops can be made in charming designs adding to your beauty. A small metal stud with a colored stone drop or a Swarovski crystal drop is a very elegant ensemble. A sterling silver button that holds a sparkling green crystal makes a gorgeous clip on drop.
Clip on earrings are available in most places, you will find them in shops near to you and on the internet. It is easy to spot one, select and simply clip them on.

If you have always dreaded the idea of ear piercing the easiest thing to do is to start collecting this fabulous clip on earrings and wear them without any hassles. Oh! What a comfort it 
The coolest new earring fashion is clip on earrings. You will spot many celebrities sporting them, nice cool and chic.
With tons of high fashion clip on earrings to choose from and an endless range of styles, designs and patterns to match with your clothes, it is time to ride the new fashion wave with the enchanting clip on earrings enhancing your looks.
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