Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watches In Men's Fashion

If you thought all the trouble that needs to be taken for fashion is only for women and by women, you have got a lot more thinking to do. Men have stepped into the world of fashion long ago. Yes, long before Sean Connery and Elvis Presley, men were known for their good looks and impeccable dress sense. It did not merely come of wanting to be like women, but more because they also cared about looking good, thereby getting attention, thereby feeling good about themselves. We have all heard of the male ego, and how it can be stroked by a well-placed compliment, and there is no man, or woman for that matter, who would not like to receive a sincere compliment for being dressed to the nines. Thankfully there are a lot of things that men and women can do consciously to bring up their appeal and make themselves look well-groomed if not good looking. And no one should let go of such opportunities. It is well known that better dressed people get paid better and have more friends, leading to happier lives.

But it has to be admitted that men do not have a provision to wear as many accessories as do women. Or, put in another way, men do no wear as much jewelry as women can. They can accessorize in other ways, such as through belts, cummerbunds, ties, cuff links, shoes and watches. And given that there are so few accessories permissible on a normal day one cannot wear a cummerbund every day. Neither is it very common to see men wearing hats or caps in todays time it is almost imminent for men to use all that they can in terms of accessories to make a suave impression. Wearing watches as part of daily dress is common in most cultures and countries and consequently mens watches have developed and reached great heights in quality and fashion sense.

Now that men have a way of expressing their taste and creativity, it is noticeable how much they ponder and choose while selecting a really good watch for themselves. And it is really no wonder that men are careful of the watches they wear and all the thought they put into buying one. Nowadays, it is common for a man to have more than one watch. One for formal events in basic black or brown, a metallic gold or silver one which is slightly dressier but still formal, and the others which are sporty or casual according to his taste are likely already on his list. Some of watches coming from designer houses have many features built into them and are bold to downright nerdy. There are even watches that tick backwards, in the counter-clockwise direction. There is nothing man has left unexplored. You can find watches that have monochrome dials with little detailing, dials with subtle basic colors that are very simple or the ones with lots of detailing and even an occasional gemstone studded into it.

The strap of the watch can be made of leather, if the man is the classic kind of guy. But if he is one who likes to explore and look for interesting variations, there are watches available in a range of metals --ranging from silver to pure gold, with a lot of choices of alloys in between. For a man, the value for money spent on a watch comes from the functionality as well as from the looks. There are some who look for special features like planners, programmable facilities, timers and stopwatches. Aviation and Navigation professionals have requirements which are fulfilled only by watches designed specifically for them. All these are collectibles, along with the more esoteric ones which show the phases of the moon, or indicate the prayer times according to the holy dictates of Islam.

There are several limited edition watches which come from designer watchmakers which have specific functions served by them. They offer amazing functionality in some aspect and are truly invaluable to the men who research and buy them with that purpose in mind. There are watches with Bluetooth connectivity which can act as tools for data transfer. There are others which are even useful for satellite navigation. The choices are virtually limitless in watches!