Saturday, March 27, 2010

"may 1" Golden Week With A Fashion Spike Eye Out Decoration

With "51" of holidays, in Decoration Good season in order to choose the right home improvement Home improvement Single product, it would have "51" during a big harvest.

In decoration, love home you do not want to miss any of their homes to become a good U.S. single product, it will not let go of any of the family can enjoy good health and pleasant environment and good Creative . Combination of science and technology, Environmental protection Personality types of home improvement products alone fashion, I give you a love themselves, love their families a great opportunity.

Low-carbon environment prevails

Home Single items are numerous, and their characteristics are diverse.

Which was mentioned most often is a low-carbon green, low carbon homes in the concept is widely used. Decorative material on the ground floor is a large single-product low-carbon green cards to play.

Family of scholars to Sell Director and General Manager of North East Lin Bokun introduced aesthetics on the floor to do in reducing the formaldehyde emission of low-carbon environment. Floor of the formaldehyde emission, the national standard is less than equal to 1.5mg / L, while the family of scholars in aesthetics floor far below the national standard formaldehyde emission requirements.

Addition to reducing emissions of formaldehyde and other harmful gases, natural flooring with the anion emission is its large green playing card, Hou Ming, general manager of natural flooring introduced 24-hour natural flooring release negative ions, in the premise of ensuring the health, but also to create a good home environment.

Coexistence of functional and decorative

Buy home improvement Building Materials Single product, the functionality has been a consumer concern.

However, after the decorative with appropriate integration, the two would make domestic products more competitive and attractive.

In tile single product, the gold Italian pottery shop Shopping guide Houshi Yu introduced decorative application in ceramic tile to tile considerably. Italy recently, Tao launch of the "excess golden color series", with 30% of the polished, matte tiles with traditional treatment, compared difference is not only a good polishing texture, but also to ensure the non-slip tile surface abrasion resistance, is the combination of utility and decorative good example. This is the flagship of the new products. Meanwhile Zhuoyuan ceramic launch of the "health stone", will lead the health and comfort of consumers, "Neolithic" Zhuoyuan Shenyang Qibo Min, general manager of Golden Resources Borda was very proud of building materials, unique world-class 1:1: a true stone technology, 1 +1 +1 health technology, technology, and 20 times a thousand fold true rock and other advanced technology to Zhuoyuan beyond the traditional ceramic pottery and stone products.

Character display

Retro feel and modern weaving

With "80" after a major consumer group, these consumers the choice of home decorating products on a single, full character. In the choice of flooring and tile, from the popular antique style then popular nowadays three-dimensional effect, the application of products in the home, attracted many consumers.

Hou Ming, general manager of natural flooring Antique Series floor introduced the series to do the floor by hand the old process, is an alternative style floor show, while the number of floors of wearable million turn up, much higher than ordinary floor 4000 to 5000 turn, this "old" floor will be very durable. Modern full three-dimensional effects, in tile have been promoted. Gold Italian pottery shop Shopping guide Houshi Yu sermon, King Tao means the "transcendent realm" series, each piece of tile has a different texture, collage, created after the three-dimensional, this style is also popular with consumers is full of personality love.