Monday, November 23, 2009

China International Fashion Week: Designers Association, Wang's visit (Figure) - China International Fashion Week, Wang - Clothing industry

Sina Women: Dear women friends who, Hello, everybody. We are very pleased to go to the chairman of Mr. Wang Qing Designers Association to participate in our visit. What do you think this Fashion Week What are the characteristics different from the previous?

Designers Association Wang Wang: It's fashion week on it, I would like to have your hand inside this table, because the activities are more honest, you should carefully studying this table, it may really do not know where start with, do not know what to see. I looked, there are seven or eight to ten events before and after. Yesterday, I read, the next we can simply sub-categories, this year the most important from the point of view the content of the performance is essentially localized Fashion Week. Fashion Week since its inception, has not been the case. With the acceleration of China's internationalization process, we always want to pursue international, and what foreign brands more interested in the Chinese market, so census drawn Fashion Week is about to have 20 percent of foreign brands and designers, but this year Fashion Week, in addition, Japan, South Korea, only a UK release hairstyle trends.

Sina women: that is not saying the quality of local designers continually improved?

Wang: I think it may be two reasons which led, first, Europe and the United States can see that fashion is indeed subject to Financial Relatively large impact of the crisis, the second, also shows the growth of our designers has become the main body of our Fashion Week, Fashion Week in Beijing has been able to become the platform for the fashion industry's words, released to the world. Not just the Chinese brand, China's designers, fashion week inside the past, local businesses or processing industry is also a distinct predominance of the brand, this is the dominant brand designers.

Basically have their own brand of designer in publishing, this is a very good thing, that is, that our traditional Chinese garment industry has grown from processing trade towards the main stage of development a designer to design as the main stage. This is the upgrading of the most direct expression. Overall, the Chinese concept, the concept of Asia has become a leading, rather than blindly pursue past the internationalization of China has now fully internationalized. China has fully integrated into the world, and accession to the WTO, China is already part of the world economy, China has become a part of world politics, China's life and culture has become a part of the world, so the realization of China Fashion Week our words and sounds. In contrast, there are several prominent features of this year, the first, most obvious cross-strait exchanges and active, this may be the biggest change in this Fashion Week, Fashion Week this year, Taiwan's designer brands may accounted for about 20 percent of the conference, as Amy Chua month, and France, Pan Yiliang, there Oudi Fen, Taiwan's well-known Underwear Brand, there are well-known in Taiwan on the release of ten co-branding. So this is the first time in 12 years in fashion week so many of Taiwan's designers and the design of the brand in Taiwan. This also shows the cross-strait industrial and cultural exchanges to expand cross-strait market and culture in the further integration. The second feature is that the Fashion Week Men The release of designers and men the most in 12 years time, and basically own designer brand, but also that the design by emphasis on men's, men's design by the industry's attention, men's designers are also growing. Third, the view from the Fashion Week activities, design competition, all kinds of topics had been the competition is the most time, various topics of active competition, that the industry demand for talent in China's fashion industry relies on the traditional labor-intensive, and now through the years to upgrade and there have been demands for talents, the brand is not just growing up, his talent even more digging, but also to focus on their industry personnel in the environment, also shows that corporate social responsibility now , enhancement of social consciousness. They design new emphasis on mining, to build a showcase their new platform, which actually created the whole of industry resources and create a good human resources and the environment.