Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swahili Fashion Week at Dar es Salaam!!!

Swahili Fashion Week is a fabulous fashion creativity that is holding in the city from last three years. For the very first time it was held on 5 & 6 November 2008, while 2009 showcased it for the second time from 4th to 6th November. This year this three days long fashion activity is planned to be hold from 4th to 6th November at Karimjee Hall, Dar es Salaam. It is evident that a number of models, designers, media persons, and fashion lovers will take Dar es Salaam flights to watch this excellent fashion week. This creativity does not only provide a platform for the existing fashion talent in the region but is also playing a crucial role in introducing new talent as well as to encourage their work.


Fashion Lovers are treated with not only the excellent fashion work by the artists belonging to Tanzania but also from the neighboring countries.

If you are planning to take flights to Dar es Salaam during the days of this event it's a must attend activity. It provides all the people related to fashion industry a chance to market their art and network with their existing and potential clients. Although it's not a very old tradition in the country to celebrate his activity but just in the short span of three years the event has got so much popularity in domestic and international fashion world that it has evolved itself into a most sought out after fashion platform in Eastern Africa for the international market. If you take flights to Dar es Salaam you will be able to see a wide collection with a huge variety because this fashion competition is open to every one irrespective of any age limit and a registration was needed to apply for it. The last date for registration was 30th August. It will be a very good addition on Tanzanian event calendar just like previous years.


Now the question arises why the event is named as Swahili Fashion Week??? The answer to this question is not very complicated yet it is an interesting one. Swahili is a beautiful coastline in the region. It is one of the most sought out destination by both the locals and those getting into the region by taking cheap flights to Dar es Salaam. The beautiful coastline of Swahili has much to offer visitors when it comes to things to see and to do at this coastline. The fashion is all about much more interesting things, colors, and exposing beauty to the fashion lovers. That's why these two things are correlated. The event has done its job very perfectly by introducing local designers such as Kemi Kalikawe, Virginia Njumba and other African designers such as Vera Vee Ochia from Kenya, David Tlale from South Africa and Sheila Tique from Mozambique. If you take flights to Dar es Salaam from UK and have some love and attraction for fashion you must be getting their something suiting your interest and fashion sense